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Stoneridge Whistler, 1 - 3 Bedroom + Den Townhomes - Whether you usually stay in hotels or you're an experienced vacation rentals booker, you'll be impressed with the amenity-rich accommodation offered at Stoneridge in Whistler.

Get the full Whistler ski vacation experience complete with private hot tub, fireplace and ski in/out access when you book at Stoneridge. See how conviently located this development is on a Whistler Stoneridge map.

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2 Bedroom
1 bath
Sleeps 5
750 sq.ft.

Short ski-in path just off Cruser run to unit, 5 min walk to village, bus stop directly across street, quiet complex, heat entry and bathroom slate floors, private hot tub, fireplace and family friendly parking next to unit plus additional 1 car park...

2 Bedroom
2 baths
Sleeps 5
804 sq.ft.

"PRIME-Ski In/Ski Out" The ideal 2 bedroom townhome located in the highly sought-after Benchlands area at the base of Blackcomb Mountain at Whistler. Great spacious floor plan with elevated separation. Fully equipped kitchen

3 Bedroom
2 baths
Sleeps 6
1400 sq.ft.

Deluxe ski in ski out townhouse unit on the Blackcomb Benchlands uphill from the Chateau Fairmont. No additional taxes or service fees. Free High Speed Wi-Fi. Private hot tub.Wood burning fireplce with free wood.Free parking.

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