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alluraDirect.com is much more than just a vacation rental directory; it's an efficient and effective way to manage your rental business.

Subscribe today and get vacation rental software for managing your reservations, credit card processing services and inclusion in your specific destination directory.

Is the Vacation Rental Service from alluraDirect Right for You?

Do you agree with the following?

Vacation Rental Checklist

I'm tired of the constant back-and-forth calls and emails with potential renters to confirm a booking.

Vacation Rental Checklist

I'd love to be able to get payment from a renter as soon as they're ready to book.

Vacation Rental Checklist

I operate a quality, fraud-free rental business and I'd like potential renters to feel as confident as possible when booking my home.

Vacation Rental Checklist

I wish I could immediately respond to rental inquiries all the time to capture more bookings - but it's just not realistic to be on-call 24/7.

Vacation Rental Checklist

I'd like to have my own website for my vacation rental business but don't know how to set one up or want to put in the effort.

Vacation Rental Checklist

I realize that investing a little time and effort to get my online rental business up-and-running is necessary so I can reap the rewards later on.

If you agree with most of these statements, we may be a match. A subscription with alluraDirect.com and our vacation rental software can help you address all of the above.

Please note: At this time we are only able to process payments in Canadian dollars. You must have a Canadian bank account for us to make payment deposits to you. We anticipate offering service in other currencies in the future. If you do not have a Canadian bank account, please contact us to express interest in our services and we will let you know as soon as they become available to you.

What you Get out of a Subscription with alluraDirect.com:

1. Centralized Property Management Software. Manage and update your vacation rental details in one place and update the information across multiple marketing channels.

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alluraDirect.com's centralized property management and booking system makes it easy for you to manage all of the details of your vacation rental in one place; update property details, manage bookings, track revenue and taxes, and opt in to our vacation rental listing partnership programs.

2. Listing on alluraDirect.com through a destination-specific directory. Take unlimited, commission-free bookings.

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alluraDirect.com guests utilize our powerful vacation rental search engine to quickly and easily find and book your property online instantly.

Get more leads to you property listing through our expanding marketing efforts:

  • Diligent website search engine optimization resulting in highly ranked alluraDirect.com destination web pages that bring paying guests to your doorstep
  • Paid Advertising with the top search engines and travel websites on the web
  • Newsletter marketing to over 18,000 total newsletter subscribers
  • Social Media marketing through popular websites such as Facebook & Twitter

3. A private, standalone website, unconnected to any competitive vacation rental listings. Your alluraDirect.com property page and private website automatically update each other and are connected to the same booking system. Have renters who found you through other websites or marketing channels book through your private website to pay by credit card. This also means you can manage ALL of your bookings from one central hub!

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Once you have discovered where and how to advertise (yes, it's ok to advertise on other sites), how are you going to handle all the business leads?

alluraDirect.com's vacation rental software includes an extensive, private property web-site creation and reservation management system that easily handles all of your business leads. There is no relationship or access from your personal property web site to alluraDirect.com. Consequently, you will not lose business leads to other property owners on the main alluraDirect.com directory.

If you already have an existing personal web site, simply plug in our booking tools and feed all of your reservations into a single management system.

Check out a sample private site: www.whistlerskipad.directvacations.com

4. The ability to accept instant credit card payments. You set your rates, minimum stay rules and booking policies. If a Guest agrees to all three and the dates are open on your calendar, they can make an instantly-confirmed booking by credit card. Receive the payment directly to your bank account and pay the lowest available transaction fees with your own Merchant Account!

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Wouldn't you prefer to pay by credit card when making a reservation? How comfortable would you be sending a cheque to a complete stranger?

Your biggest business barrier is customer confidence. From the renter's perspective, paying by credit card is an insurance policy in case you're fraudulent and the property does not really exist. Many renters also need to pay via credit card, or simply want to capture more loyalty points - like Air Miles.

Credit card processing fees are a cost of doing business that you must factor in to your rates; trying to avoid them by insisting on cheques results in less money and greater hassles. Avoid the scenario of blocking off your calendar and losing sales while waiting for a cheque in the mail that might bounce, or just never come.

Program Benefits:
  • Direct Perks - Get 100% of the group savings benefit. Your fees reflect the most direct pricing, without any middlemen processing intermediaries (including us) inflating your fees by taking a piece of your money. That's why it's so affordable.
  • Fast Direct Deposits - Funds go directly in to your bank account instead of passing through ours first.
  • Everyone can Join - The program is open to all alluraDirect.com account holders, including rental managers who may not own the properties directly. It's also residency-independent, which means that US and International residents can also benefit. You can also participate irrespective of your payment gateway setting.
  • Goodbye Non-Resident Fees - If you're a non-Canadian resident who will now receive rent funds directly in to your Canadian bank account as result of this program, then you can cease the NR Tax Program for all future transactions involving your new personal merchant number. Once approved & activated, you'll receive 100% of your money (net of processing fees) at the time of a reservation payment. Like all owners, you must still file annual income tax returns.
  • Process Rent from ALL your Marketing & Booking Channels or Private Web Sites - You can book and transact rent through your new merchant account via alluraDirect.com, your private directVacations.com web site, or through any site where you've plugged in your online booking and payment gateway.

5. Mistake-free Reservations. When a Guest books your home through either your alluraDirect.com property page or private website, the dates are automatically blocked off your calendar. So long as you use these two sites to process your bookings, it is impossible to accidentally double-book.

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Use our vacation rental software and receive a tested and centralized web-based reservation management system that reduces liability, mistakes and overall administration time to five or 10 minutes per day. It also increases reservations from all sources by making it easier to book your vacation property.

Automatically schedule and distribute guest and owner self-reminders and reservation correspondence based on your preferences. Don't drop details and make costly mistakes!

6. Huge time savings with decreased administration work. Your rental website works for you around the clock. If a renter is ready to book your place at 3am - they can! Reservation confirmations are automatically emailed to both you and your confirmed Guest. Even your check-in package is sent via email once a full reservation payment is made.

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It's not enough to have a great personal web site if it doesn't help renters book when they want to! Your site must make it easy and obvious for people to make an instantly confirmed reservation based on your rules, otherwise you risk losing them to someone who is ready to take their money! It should also automate routine administration, and ensure that critical tasks are completed.

With the alluraDirect.com vacation rental software you can:

  • Configure your reservation rules based on your preferences. You are always in control. Bookings cannot occur unless the dates are open on your calendar, the renter pays your posted rate and agrees to your policies.
  • Create a reservation email template library and instantly create customized emails unique to each new reservation, including booking and guest details.
  • Automatically track reservation and payment status. Receive late payment alerts.
  • Create reservation and revenue reports within seconds in order to track your progress and ease the yearly book-keeping process.
  • Automatically generate reservation receipts.

8. Unlimited phone and email support. Call or e-mail us for assistance as often as you need. Ask us questions about using your website tools, get tips for maximizing your rental potential or consult with us on other vacation rental issues.

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Pick our brains for tips on:

  • Quickly configuring your business and property logistical operations from scratch
  • Tested policies that protect you and your renters
  • Building a long-term customer base that increases the value of your real estate investment
  • Achieving a rates and occupancy equilibrium
  • Managing cleaning and maintenance

9. Increased value of your real estate investment. Track and validate reservations to prove the revenue potential of your vacation rental business. Pass on your website and rental equity to a new owner in a few easy steps. All historical reservation information including renter contact information remains intact.

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Transferring your website and online rental business to a new Owner takes less than 15 minutes. The new Owner keeps the same alluraDirect.com property ID and private website address. Your past renters can continue to find and book the property in the same place.

Subscription CostsVacation Rental Subscription Costs

Subscription fees vary by destination. Long-standing destinations have a loyal customer following, top search engine rankings and will therefore cost more.

All subscriptions fees exclude 5% GST and are charged in Canadian dollars.

  • Whistler, BC - $795
  • Big White, BC - $599
  • Sun Peaks, BC - $599
  • Kicking Horse, BC - $125
  • Fernie, BC - $125
  • Silver Star, BC - $125
  • Red Mountain, BC - $9.95
  • Panorama, BC - $9.95
  • Mont Tremblant, QC - $299

Please click the "Subscribe with alluraDirect.com" button below to get a complete list of all destinations. If you do not see your destination in the list, please contact us to request it.