How It Works

Renting private accommodation directly from its owner may be a completely new experience for you. If you are at all like the hundreds-of-thousands of guests who have already discovered's benefits and value, you also likely have some important questions and concerns that need to be addressed.

What is a Vacation Rental?

A Vacation Rental, simply put, is renting another person's home for a short period of time. Vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes; as small as a studio with a microwave and/or small stove, with a bathroom and a bed, or as large as a palatial villa! Because you are renting our someone's home, each vacation rental is unique - reflecting each owner's personal touch!

    Despite their wonderful uniqueness, every listing owner or manager on this site shares these important characteristics:
    • They're locally knowledgeable and passionate about their destination.
    • They can't wait to share their local zeal and secrets with you.
    • You'll get personal attention, because each property has it's own dedicated customer service representative...or close to it.
    • They've promised to abide by world-class standards and guarantees that make you smile.

Why rent from alluraDirect owners?

Instant Reservations.

Your time is precious, so unlike other services, all calendars are up to date and property listing descriptions are detailed and accurate. If the property shows up on the search results, go ahead and book it!

Better Prices.

We offer some of the best properties and services, at a fraction of the price! You get the perks, personal touches and big conveniences of a personal home & enjoy more comfort for you & your family.

Superior Standards.

All owners and their contacts agree to a common set of clearly defined, public corporate standards and rules intended to consistently maintain high levels of service and accountability, and to protect you, the consumer. All Owners are required to provide proof of ownership documentation before their listing becomes active on

Fast & Friendly.

Our search and booking process will save you hours & allow you to pay securely by credit card for your vacation rental. If you ever get stuck, we're happy to help! Just contact us, and we'll get back to you within 1 business day.

Locally Owned.

We're founded, owned and run by people who actually own and rent their personal vacation homes themselves, not by software venture capitalists seeking another IPO or financial windfall. Your vacation joys are our founding roots, inspiration and daily motivation - not an IPO or acquisition.

How can we help you?

Whether you're renting your home out for the first time, or going away to an unfamiliar destination, we're here to make the process simpler!