Mandatory & Minimum Owner Operational Standards

The vast majority of the thousands of bookings that happen on every year are highly successful. The very small number of complaints that do occur, are typically resolved very successfully to the guests' satisfaction, and are usually the result of genuine, unintentional human error.

Nevertheless, we do feel obligated to publish our enforced owner operational standards, so that you can be made aware of what they are and to quickly recognize and avoid situations that violate these important standards in any way.

This section covers:

Values in a Nutshell
Owner Screening
Minimum Mandatory Owner Standards
How to Protect Yourself
What if Something Goes Wrong?
Privacy Violation Property Listings

Values in a Nutshell

Our owner Terms of Service Agreement requires that owners embrace the following values:

  • Owners will conduct their business honestly, objectively and transparently, and honour what they publish.
  • You will have access to customer support while on and while in the owner's property.
  • Owners and will make it as easy, enjoyable and as time-efficient as possible for you to find and book your ideal vacation property.
  • Your precious time will not be wasted in any way.
  • Your privacy will be protected at all times.


Owner Screening

  • All property title and ownership are verified independently by at the time that the property is listed.
  • alluraDirect takes no further measures to confirm property ownership beyond this initial action.
  • Owners who participate in the online credit card processing system have undergone additional screening through their payment processing application.
  • All owners must agree to's Terms of Service Agreement, which outlines minimum mandatory standards, terms of account termination, and the formal guest complaints process.
  • All customer complaints against owners are tracked and kept on record. Owners with more than 2 complaints spanning a subscription period are automatically terminated. Owner accounts are now immediately terminated under a subset of zero tolerance clauses in the Terms of Service Agreement. You are free to contact to get independent owner verification from our office.


Terms of Service Agreement & Minimum Mandatory Operational Standards

Legally binding, owner operational standards on exist to protect both you and the owner, and ensure that both you and the owner engage in a fair, honest and completely transparent business transaction that leads to a successful long term relationship.

If you have concerns about standards and owner conduct, please review our Terms of Service Agreement before proceeding to familiarize yourself with with owner standards, ethics codes and rules. Failure by owners to adhere to the provisions of the contract trigger the complaints process, which either results in a successful resolution, or which ends in rapid and permanent account termination without a refund.

The vast majority of customer complaints result in a successful resolution to the guest's satisfaction.

Best Ways to Protect Yourself

  • Pay online by credit card directly through the owner's web site. This ensures that your booking is tracked, that you can reverse the charges if something goes wrong, and that no one ever sees your credit card information-including the owner. Human errors rarely occur in bookings involving online credit card payments and virtually 95% of all problem bookings or complaints involve a booking whereby the payment did not go through the owner's web site. It is difficult to resolve problems that are not documented!
  • Make sure that the owner has sent you the check-in information upon final payment. If you do not have all the information that you need to check-in within a day of making your final payment, make sure that you contact the owner persistently until they have provided the information.
  • Get everything in writing.
  • At the time of booking, download a copy of the owner's web site onto your hard drive for your records.


What if Something Goes Wrong?

Owners and/or properties, or business affiliates that sustain more than two legitimate, unresolved customer complaints spanning a 12 month period are delisted from the directory. Some activities will result in immediate account termination. See the Terms of Service Agreement for more details.

If you feel that something is not going right, follow these steps:

  • Read the Terms of Service Agreement. Is the Owner in violation of any of these terms? If yes, then contact the Owner immediately to express your complaint. Most complaints stem from genuine human error. Once you let the Owner know, the vast majority will make their best efforts to rectify the situation.  Owners typically want to avoid's complaint process and have their record tarnished.
  • If you have contacted the Owner about your issue and have not had success in resolving it, you may register a complaint, providing it meets the following:
    • You have documentation that you have contacted the Owner or Contact about your issue by phone and/or email as the issues became evident.
    • You have as much tangible evidence as possible to support your complaint such as photographs and email exchanges.  Complaints which cannot be photographed such as noises, odors, temperatures, etc... may be submitted. However, unless has multiple complaints of the same nature for the property, we may not be able to resolve this type of complaint due to the subjective nature.
    • Your complaint is regarding a stay within the past 3 months. Complaints cannot be registered 3 months past your departure date.
    • The property you stayed in is currently active on the website.
    • You submit your complaint via the Complaints Registration Form.
  • Once alluraDirect has received a customer complaint, an internal investigation process is initiated which involves the Owner and the Guest. In most cases where there is full documentation an acceptable conclusion is reached.
  • Additional notes regarding the Complaints Process:
    • Complaints are acknowledged within 5 business days of receipt. At this time further details will be sent in regards to whether or not will be able process the complaint.
    • Typical resolution of a complaint may take up to 4 weeks and may involve several emails from all parties involved.
    • The burden of proof is the responsibility of the person registering the complaint.


Privacy Violation

  • alluraDirect's staff, and its owner-clients are bound by Canadian privacy laws.
  • Neither, nor its owner-clients are permitted to sell, release to any third party, or use for reasons other than its intended purpose, your personal information, without your prior consent.
  • Violation of the privacy laws is grounds for de-listing from the lodging directory under our policies relating to Customer Complaints.


Non-alluraDirect Property Listings

alluraDirect will not investigate any complaints against properties, businesses or individuals not profiled on, even if the individual, property or business was referred by an alluraDirect owner-client or business affiliate.