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While our site is designed to be self-serve, we recognize that sometimes you have a question or issue that needs a human touch! If you're inquiring about a specific property on alluraDirect, we'll make sure to pass your details along to the owners. Office Hours

Our office is staffed:

Monday to Friday, 8:00 am - 4:00 pm (Pacific Time)

We are closed weekends and on all Canadian Statutory Holidays. Email and phone calls are returned within 1 business day.

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Local Vancouver: 604-707-6700
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Common Questions and Concerns

Lost your check-in info? Here are 3 strategies for getting in:

  1. Log-in to Your Guest Account & Retrieve your Check-In Info. Yup! It's that easy! It's all stored under your reservations! Use your handheld, cell phone or go to the nearest Internet Cafe:
  2. Contact the Owner Directly. Contact the Owner and any emergency contact they have provided to you.
  3. Contact Us. Contact us during business hours (see above). Please note that we can only help you get in to the property if the Owner has supplied us with supplemental instructions in their account. If the owner has not provided this information to us, we will forward your information to them and their emergency contact for immediate attention.
    If there are other problems upon arrival, please contact the Owner directly. We do not handle the property's operations - the Owner does. Please let us know how the owner handled your situation using the Share Feedback link above.

Each owner who lists their property on is in control of how they charge a damage deposit. The property you have rented or are considering renting will use one of three possible damage deposit options:

  1. Charged online via credit card with payment for the property rental The damage deposit amount will be added to either your deposit payment or balance of payment and charged to your credit card. The full payment, including your damage deposit will be sent to the property owner.
  2. Charged directly by the owner, outside of the online credit card system Some owners choose to collect a cheque or other form of payment directly from the guest. Owners will let you know after receiving your reservation, how you can make this deposit payment to them before your arrival. You will receive a refund for your damage deposit within 15 days of your departure, directly from the property owner.
  3. Charged after departure if property is damaged Your credit card is not charged a damage deposit before your arrival date. Owners reserve the right to charge you in the event that property damage or excessive cleaning costs are incurred as a result of your stay.

When you make an online reservation, your credit card is charged immediately and payment is forwarded to the property owner.

If you wish to change or cancel a reservation, please direct your request to the property owner. The owner will work with you change or cancel your reservation and may provide you with a refund as outlined in their individual cancellation policies. (You can view these policies on their property page prior to reserving and must agree to them in order to make a reservation.)

When reserving online more than 45 days prior to your arrival, the total charge of your booking is split into two instalments: 25% due at time of booking, 75% due 45 days prior to arrival.

If you are reserving less than 45 days prior to your arrival date, full payment is due at the time of booking.

Payments cannot be split and made on multiple credit cards. The amount due on the payment screen must be paid on a single credit card. Customer support staff will not be able to facilitate payments on multiple cards.

The online system will allow you to use any Visa, Mastercard, or Discover card that you wish (ie. if the booking is under your name but you wish to pay with your travel companion's credit card, it will allow you). If you are booking more than 45 days ahead and will be making two separate payments (25% deposit and 75% balance) you may use a different card for each payment.