Whistler Olympics - 2010 Accommodation & Tips

Whistler Olympics Accommodation  View an accurate and complete list of Whistler 2010 vacation rentals available for the Olympics & Paralympic Games.   Whistler Olympics accommodation tips.

Whistler Olympics Lift Ticket Discounts Available

That's right, there's no price gouging for this special event. Pre-book your discount Whistler lift tickets to pay less than resort rates. 90% of mountain terrain will be open to the public during the Olympics!

2010 Whistler Olympics Accommodation Listings

The properties listed below are available for at least one night between Feb 12th - 28th, 2010 inclusive.  Expand your search for longer stays and/or arrivals earlier than Feb 12th, 2010, or search on specific dates that you may have tickets by clicking the search button below. Results are accurate, fast & most lodging providers offer instantly confirmed bookings!

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Quick Facts - Whistler 2010 Whistler Ski Season Truths  

  1. Cheap Whistler Lift Tickets, Including Peak Holidays - Book your lift tickets at least 4 days ahead and save. More Whistler 2010 Season Cheap Lift Ticket Info
  2. Affordable Whistler Accomodations all Season Long - Whistler Olympics season avoidance means lots of available lodging..which means record accomodations deals all season long.
  3. No Crowds or Lines - You'll have the mountains to yourselves all season. How do we know? Bookings outside the Olympics Games dates are down and local day tripper parking is limited - so there will be less people. That means affordable Whistler accomodations & wide open play spaces. So book a pad with parking spot, get up here and get unlimited & uncluttered wide open freshies.
  4. Lots of Snow - There will be plenty. Check out the Whistler snow forecasts.
  5. Ample Overnight Parking - Parking will become increasingly restrictive ONLY for day trippers, especially at Creekside. Overnight Guests with reserved parking will have no problems. Make sure you have a reserved spot with your lodging throughout the entire season. View Parking Details
  6. Blackcomb Mountain is Wide Open all Season- Blackcomb is 100% open with ONLY 1 exception during the 2 week Olympics period, when Springboard will be closed. Catskinner Chair will also be closed Jan 4-March 6th. View Lift & Terrain Details
  7. Peak, Harmony, Symphony Areas & Lifts, Whistler Village Gondola are Wide Open all Season - Just thought we'd clear that up for those who love the Whistler Alpine! View Lift & Terrain Details
  8. Whistler Mountain - Will be MARGINALLY impacted from Jan 25-Mar. 27. Most disruptions are directly or indirectly related to Creekside. The good stuff is OPEN! If you love Whistler Mountain like we do & plan on skiing/riding it no matter what, here are some tips. View Lift & Terrain Details

    1. Stay in the Alpine: Peak Chair, Harmony, Symphony & the Backcountry
    2. Ski/Ride More & Download from the Roundhouse: Ski-Outs may be clogged due to to lower level terrain closures. Come on, they aren't worth crying over anyways! Get more tracks through a longer day in the alpine and glide down on the gondie at the end of the day.
  9. Highway 99 is Fully Open, Amazing, Smooth, Safe & Restriction-Free - It's safer, faster, smoother. View Highway Details
  10. Highway 99 Northbound Permits ONLY Needed Feb. 11-28th Inclusive 6 am-6 pm - You will get permits from your homeowners. Consider traveling Northbound AFTER 6 pm, which means leaving Vancouver around 5 pm. View Highway Details
  11. Free Village Shuttle is Still Free..EXCEPT Feb 13th-28th - It's free except during the 2010 Olympics period, when it costs $2. View Shuttle Details