Whistler 2010 Accommodation Rentals & Expert Booking Tips

The Whistler 2010 Olympics are less than a year away.

How do you separate Whistler 2010 Olympics fluff from fact?

Here is a complete list of 120+ top-located Whistler Olympics rentals and must-know Whistler 2010 accommodation tips.

Book slopeside Whistler accommodation for the 2010 Games!


Whistler 2010 Accommodation Booking Tips  

Come to Whistler for the 2010 Games - There’s plenty of Availability that’s Growing Daily 

There are lots of places to stay so don't give up! Most vacation homes won’t become available or be advertising for bookings until March/April. This is a normal ski industry practice and it’s no different this year, despite the Games.

If you don't find what you're looking for now, keep checking right up until the Games!

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Over 90% of the Mountain & all but 1 Lift will be Fully Available During the 2010 Olympics & Pre-Booked Lift Tickets on Sale!

The mountain will be over 90% open to the public and every lift except Creekside will be hoisting you up to the top at their usual breakneck pace.

2009/2010 Whistler Olympics lift ticket deals are the same or even cheaper than they were in 2008/09.

Bottom line - you won't pay more for lift tickets just because the Games are in town.

Book 2010 Accommodation Directly with Owners & Locals to Save Money – You’ll Get More Property, Location and Perks for your Money

You can save thousands of dollars by avoiding middle agent fees, surcharges and taxes.

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Use a Safe Vacation Rental Site with Lots of Accommodation Selection, such as alluraDirect.com

Not all Whistler accommodation sites are created equal.

Don’t get scammed!

Ensure the web site you use verifies property ownership to the advertiser, has accountability standards to renters and advertisers, and accepts credit card payments.

Otherwise you could be renting a property that doesn't exist, being advertised by someone who just tossed up a fake ad in order to grab your money.

alluraDirect.com Whistler Vacation Rentals is the only owner direct web site in the world that has transparent standards and guarantees, and that verifies the ownership and authenticity of each property listing on it's web site.

Keep Looking for 2010 Accommodation Up Until the Olympics - What’s Not Available Today Will be Available Tomorrow

Accommodation availability changes daily, so keep looking and checking your favorite web sites. Availability will be released by all vendors as time goes by. Keep checking right up until the Games.

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Contact the Owner Directly when You find Something you Like – They May Be More Flexible

Owners want to hear from you!

With nearly 1000 Owner clients and being vacation rental homeowners ourselves, we speak from experience.

A unspoken vacation rental homeowner requirement is personal peace of mind that their home will be well cared for.

If you’re a responsible renter and find something you love, contact the Owner directly to see if they have any price or length of stay flexibility during the Olympics. If you are going to negotiate on price, keep it within a reasonable range of what they’re advertising.

Some owners will give up a little money and longer stays, for more peace of mind.

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Stay Longer to Increase your Selection & Reduce your Nightly Rate

You’ll have a larger and better 2010 Olympics accommodation selection if you stay for 5 or more days.

It's not about greed.

It usually costs 1-2 nights rent to clean a property, so the actual basic rental costs to the Owners aren't covered until the 4th or 5th night by the time you factor in taxes, utilities and wear and tear.

That's also why nightly rates generally decrease the longer you stay.

So you see, it's all about math and minimally, breaking even!

Most Owners want stays of 5 nights or more, so expand your search, then contact the Owner directly if you want a shorter stay.

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Make Sure the Property Comes with Secured & Reserved Parking For Every Car you Bring to Whistler

Ensure that a parking spot is included with your accommodation. Parking will be highly restricted during the Games.

Book Lift Tickets in Advance & Save

Book your lift tickets at least 4 days in advance and pay less than resort rates. Learn more about discount Whistler lift tickets.

Make Sure that the Property you Book is Real & Legitimate

Found an amazing deal on a classified ad-type web site?

Ensure that its legitimate property owner or their authorized agent is renting the property.

Unless the advertising web site does it for you, ask for proof of ownership or some other validating documentation before paying any money.  This is especially true if you are paying by cash, cheque or direct bank transfer, where you have no recourse if you were conned.

All properties on alluraDirect.com are ownership-verified.

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Rent Properties Zoned for Nightly Rentals - Make Sure It’s Legal & You’re Not Kicking a Local Long Term Renter out of their Home –

Whistler chalets in residential neighborhoods aren't legally zoned for rentals less than 28 days.

That means that you could lose your hefty deposit if the RMOW finds out and shuts down the house rentals, so it's worth finding out before you pay.

Make sure that the property is zoned for the use it's being advertised for.

In addition to losing your money, you could also be depriving a local worker of a place to live.

Whistler is considering  Temporary Commercial Use Permits (TCUP) for residential houses, but until then, renting one of these properties is a risk for consumers.

All properties on alluraDirect.com are being advertised in concordance with their legally permitted use. We will remove listings if reported to us by the RMOW.

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Get it in Writing – Ensure Policies are Clear, Documented and Published on the Web Site

Policies are vital, so review them before you pay.

If the property web site doesn't have any policies, or if they are scarce, then the vendor can make them up as they go along. With no or few disclosed policies, you have fewer consumer rights. Ensure that detailed policies are fully disclosed on the property's web site AND your reservation confirmation documentation at the time of booking. Always get the policies in writing.

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Pay by Credit Card Unless Using a Site that Verifies Property Ownership

If something goes wrong and you paid by credit card, you have rights and will get your money back.

This is especially important if you are renting from a site where property ownership isn't verified or guaranteed and you didn't take the time to check that it's all legitimate.

It's also important if you're illegally renting a residential home.

As a general rule, never send cash or a cheque to a stranger.

In addition, never send your credit card number by email.

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Reviews are Not Proof of Ownership or Legitimacy - Only Trust Reviews from Actual Renters who Stayed There

To date, no vacation rental directory in the world ensures that reviews are posted by actual renters.

Many are posted by the advertisers themselves.

Don't believe reviews unless they were posted by actual renters. There aren't ANY online advertising directories that are able to authenticate/connect a review to an actual renter. That means that the advertiser can post their own reviews.

Don’t give Reviews as much credibility as proof of ownership.

Most directories have disclaimers and don’t hold advertisers accountable to standards and fair business practices.

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Pick up your Supplies and Groceries in Vancouver or Squamish

Public parking will be limited and traffic could be heavy and restricted at certain times of day.

The grocery stores will also be crowded. Pick up what you'll need before driving up, and park your car at your accommodation. All accommodation comes with parking.

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Gas Up in Vancouver or Squamish

Oh to be the only gig in town. Such is the coveted business monopoly case of Whistler's only gas station- Husky at Creekside.

With peak traffic and likely prices, you'll have less of a wait and keep more money in your jeans where there are more gas station choices...like Vancouver or Squamish.

By the way, the return van trip between Vancouver and Whistler consumes about 1/2-2/3 of a tank of gas.

Try not to drive around too much once you're there ;) 

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