Whistler 2010 Accomodations, Olympics & Ski Season Tips

 Whistler 2010 accomodations are plentiful, available, & affordable. View the complete accommodations list of 200+ vacation rentals that have 2010 Olympics date availability. 



Whistler 2009/2010 Season Truths: Why You Should Come to Whistler & What to Know Before, During & After the 2010 Olympics 

It's a great ski season to visit Whistler. Disruptions are minimal, accomodations & lift tickets are cheap & lines will be lean because people are needlessly avoiding Whistler in 2009/2010. So enjoy the vibe and season Games glow, without the cost & crowds.


Quick Facts - Whistler 2010 Whistler Ski Season Truths  

  1. Book by Dec. 15th & save up to 46%. There aren't any blackout dates, including the Olympics. More Whistler 2010 Season Cheap Lift Ticket Info
  2. Affordable Whistler Accomodations all Season Long - Whistler Olympics season avoidance means lots of available lodging..which means record accomodations deals all season long.
  3. No Crowds & Thin Lift Lines - You'll have the mountains to yourselves all season. How do we know? Olympic history says that Whistler skier volume will be sparse. True to history, bookings outside the Olympics Games dates are down. Local day tripper parking is also limited - so there will be less people. Less people means affordable Whistler accomodations & wide open play spaces all season long. So book a pad with parking spot, get up here and get unlimited & uncluttered wide open freshies.
  4. Lots of Snow - There will be plenty. Check out the Whistler snow forecasts.
  5. Ample Overnight Parking - Parking will become increasingly restrictive ONLY for day trippers, especially at Creekside. Overnight Guests with reserved parking will have no problems. Make sure you have a reserved spot with your lodging throughout the entire season. View Parking Details
  6. Blackcomb Mountain is Wide Open all Season- Blackcomb is 100% open with ONLY 1 exception during the 2 week Olympics period, when Springboardwill be closed. Catskinner Chair will also be closed Jan 4-March 6th. View Lift & Terrain Details
  7. Peak, Harmony, Symphony Areas & Lifts, Whistler Village Gondola are Wide Open all Season - Just thought we'd clear that up for those who love the Whistler Alpine! View Lift & Terrain Details
  8. Whistler Mountain - Will be MARGINALLY impacted from Jan 25-Mar. 27. Most disruptions are directly or indirectly related to Creekside. The good stuff is OPEN! If you love Whistler Mountain like we do & plan on skiing/riding it no matter what, here are some tips. View Lift & Terrain Details

    1. Stay in the Alpine: Peak Chair, Harmony, Symphony & the Backcountry
    2. Ski/Ride More & Download from the Roundhouse: Ski-Outs may be clogged due to to lower level terrain closures. Come on, they aren't worth crying over anyways! Get more tracks through a longer day in the alpine and glide down on the gondie at the end of the day.
  9. Highway 99 is Fully Open, Amazing, Smooth, Safe & Restriction-Free - It's safer, faster, smoother. View Highway Details
  10. Highway 99 Northbound Permits ONLY Needed Feb. 11-28th Inclusive 6 am-6 pm - You will get permits from your homeowners. Consider traveling Northbound AFTER 6 pm, which means leaving Vancouver around 5 pm. View Highway Details
  11. Free Village Shuttle is Still Free..EXCEPT Feb 13th-28th - It's free except during the 2010 Olympics period, when it costs $2. View Shuttle Details


Olympics Games Guests

  1. Parking Space - Ensure you book properties with secured, reserved parking spaces.
  2. Parking Rules - Be totally clear about parking rules at your booked lodging.
  3. Local Free Shuttle Costs $2 During the Games! - Save your coins now - the free shuttle will be great, but you need exact change! Bring your booking confirmation and receipts with you.
  4. Use Highway 99 Northbound after 6 pm - Travel after 6 pm on highway 99. If you travel before that time, get a permit ahead of time from your lodging provider.
  5. Get a Highway 99 6 am-6 pm Northbound  Travel Permit from your Host - if you absolutely need to go up the highway during peak hours.

Whistler & Blackcomb Lift Closures & Dates

  1. Creekside Gondola: February 1 - March 1
  2. Whistler T-Bars: January 4 - March 6
  3. Franz's: January 4 - March 6
  4. Olympic Station Magic Carpets: January 4 - March 6
  5. Catskinner: January 4 - March 6
  6. Timing Flats Lift: Not open to general public 

Terrain Closures

Whistler (January 25 to March 27)

  • Dave Murray Downhill
  • Wild Card
  • Jimmy's Joker
  • Upper Franz's

Whistler (January 30 to March 27)

  1. Bear Paw
  2. Tokum
  3. Crossroads


  1. Bear Cub (February 1 to February 28)
  2. Raven/Ptarmigan (February 1 to March 21)
  3. Crabapple (February 1 to February 17)

Blackcomb (January 29 to February 28)

  1. Springboard

Highway & Free Village Shuttle Notes Feb. 11-28th

Highway 99 Northbound Travel Permits Needed 6 am-6 pm> Feb 11-28th

  • Permits will be needed between 6 am-6 pm at the Alice Lake Checkpoint North of Squamish.
  • VANOC permits will be provided to to you by vacation rental homeowners.
  • Permits aren't needed for travel outside of these hours.

*Free* Village Shuttle Costs $2.00 Feb. 13th-28th

  • You need exact change
  • Start saving your change now to use on the bus! There goes the daily on-mountain cookie budget!

Whistler Transit Hours & Vehicles Expand 10x

There will be a 10 minute frequency in peak hours, with a 15-30 minute frequency in non-peak hours.

Parking Restrictions 


  1. P1 unavailable: November 15
  2. Surface level unavailable: January 4 to April 21 (loading dock will remain open)
  3. 100 spaces on P2 unavailable: January 11 to January 31
  4. All of P2, P3, P4 unavailable: February 1 to March 21
  5. 100 spaces on P2 unavailable: March 21 to April 21

Day Lots

  1. Lot 1: closed February 1 to March 1
  2. Lot 2: 90% open January 11 to February 1; closed February 1 to March 1
  3. Lot 3: closed February 1 to March 1
  4. Lot 4: 95% open January 11 to February 1; closed February 1 to March 26
  5. Lot 5: closed February 1 to March 26
  6. Lot 6: some parking available until February 4; closed February 4 to March 4
  7. Lot 7: closed September 1 to March 30
  8. Lot 8: closed September 1 to March 30

Local Whistler Road Closures

  1. Blackcomb Way between Lorimer Road and MY Place:
  2. Whistler Way: closed between January 29 to March 1; one-way traffic northbound March 2 to 23