Whistler Le Chamois Map

Take a look at the Whistler Le Chamois map below to see where the condo development is located within Whistler Blackcomb Resort. Hold your mouse over a marker for a description of what it represents.



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Read all there is to know about Le Chamois Whistler including what amenities are available, who it's best suited for and it's proximity to everything you'll want to do on your Whistler vacation.

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Whistler Le Chamois - Area Video

Learn More about the Upper Village Area

Get a detailed overview of Whistler Upper Village where you'll find Le Chamois. Plenty of activities, services and restaurants are located in this area. Click the video icon to the right to take a video tour!

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Discover the other Whistler accommodation areas to get a feel for Whistler resort as a whole. Compare  Whistler ski accommodation developments to be sure you've chosen the right accommodation in the area best suited for you.

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