2. How much will a Whistler Limo service cost you?

Whistler limo service rates will depend on what kind of vehicle you select for your group. On average it will range between $300-400 CAD, one way for up to 6 people. You can take advantage of Whistler limo discounts that are available, depending on the company you book your Whistler accommodations with (see more below).

Typical additional charges are:

    • Canadian 12% Harmonized Sales Tax
    • $15.00 Cdn Vancouver Airport Pick up Meet & Greet.
    • $6.50 Cdn Airport parking fee charge.
    • Tipping the chauffeur – suggested 15% for good service.

The Vancouver Airport to Whistler limo service is typically considered a transfer. Unlike traditional limo rentals, there isn’t a minimum hour requirement. Therefore, if you want to stop along the way to view the beautiful world renowned Sea-to-Sky scenery or popular sites such as Shannon Falls in Squamish, this will extend your travelling time and will cost you a little more (but is well worth it!). Most limo service companies would be happy to accommodate your special requests, providing you let them know and arrange for it in advance.

Finally, Whistler limo companies may charge you extra if you have a change in your travel dates & time, that is not due to a delayed flight.

When is it cheaper to reserve a Whistler limousine rather than a Whistler bus shuttle?

If you have 5 or more people in your party, a Whistler limo service is usually more economical than a scheduled Whistler bus shuttle service. On average a Whistler bus shuttle scheduled service from Vancouver Airport to Whistler will put you back $65 Cdn per person, one way. Whereas, a Whistler limousine service will cost, depending on your vehicle choice, $300 - $400 total. Not to mention the extra Whistler limo benefits that you get, such as 24/7 service availability, flight delay monitoring and flexibility, more personal space for your group, and door-to-door service to your Whistler vacation home.

How to get Whistler Limo Service Discounts?

Ahh…. and now the tidbit that you’ve been waiting for. Tap into the best kept secret by booking with Whistler BC accommodation companies that work directly with local partners that pass on all referral commissions to their guests as savings. Learn more...

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2. How much will a Whistler Limo service cost you?

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