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Go Fishing in Whistler BCGot fish? This one's called trout.

Whether you're an experienced fisher or interested in trying out the sport, you can give it a go during the summer AND winter season. Reel in a 10% Whistler fishing discount with one of our partners:

Valley Fishing Guides - Save 10%

Have you heard whispers describing a certain secret lake with the best fishing in the area? Get there either by helicopter, float plane or 4x4 with their expert, local guides and make your dream of backcountry fishing into a reality. Each trip comes with all the necessary equipment, a guide & rental condo pick-up and drop-off at the end of your day.

Fly Fishing Fun & Tips for Newbies

"The worst day of fishing is better than the best day of working," they say.

Sounds appealing if you haven't gone fishing yet and have been ambivalent to try it. There's a good chance you won't be disappointed, even if you don't catch that many fish.

The following are some fun pointers to get you started in the world of fishing.

Fly Fishing Lingo (A Modest Glossary)

Get ahead of the pack and learn some lingo before you go fish!

Match the Hatch - your lure must mimic or "match" the size and color of insect "hatches" that trout feed on.

Barbless Hook - a hook with the "barb" removed by means of forceps or pliers; most "catch and release" fly fishers use this method.

Dry Fly - a fly designed to float on water

Wet Fly - a fly designed to sink below the surface of water

Freshwater & Saltwater Fishing Regulations

Not to worry, Valley Fishing Guides will of course make sure that you're not fishing illegally; but it's vital to know of the fishing regulations in British Columbia, particularly if you decide to go fishing on your own in the future.


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