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Our Consumer-Direct Whistler Mission

We help people like you get the best Whistler Blackcomb vacation value in a time-efficient, safe and consistent way, by stripping away all unnecessary and costly intermediaries & commissions that you end up paying for.

As result, you get the best, consumer-direct price and friendly local service. We also work fanatically to keep our own costs down, without compromising our great customer support, so that our fees are not passed on to you by owners. We believe that it should be easy, safe, enjoyable, unintrusive and affordable for you to independently create and have a great vacation.

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How the Consumer Direct Program Works

Being an independent business owner is a challenge, no matter where they're located. In Whistler Canada, it is often notoriously expensive to keep a business afloat, let alone have money left over for marketing and promotions. That's why we figure the best way to mutually benefit alluraDirect customers and the local Whistler community is to band together and combine our resources.

100% of our Referral Commission is passed on to you!

Instead of collecting the usual 10 - 15% commission that most travel agents charge, we ask our partners to deduct the amount as an exclusive discount for our alluraDirect customers.

Why do we do it? The benefits are two-fold, (1) The actual business owner should be the person selling their own products and services. After all, it's their passion! And (2) it promotes cooperation in the community rather than cutthroat competition. Everybody wins!

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Local Whistler business owner? Join the Consumer-Direct Program!

Support the Consumer-Direct Program for FREE!

To continue in our efforts to bring you consumer-direct Whistler BC value & savings, we need your help to keep costs down and business volume high, so that:

  • Growing business & marketing costs are not passed on to you by owners.
  • We can pass commissions on as savings to you.
  • We can negotiate great, volume-based vacation deals for our site users and cost-effective business services for owners. When they save money-they charge you less!
  • We can work with owners to help keep their costs down through better, cost-effective technology and marketing. They save money-you pay less for lodging!
  • We can continue to expand our customer support and vacation planning resources, thus making it even easier, more fun & even safer for you to use alluraDirect.com than ever before.

Here are 5 free, easy and enormously significant ways:

1. Spread the word!

This is one of the most important and free ways you can help us!

Please tell us about your Whistler ski vacation, about yourself & your web site & link to our web site. We will profile you as an AlluraDirect.com supporter on our site! It really helps us get to know our customers and plays a big role in keeping our costs down to owners, who in turn pass the benefit on to you.

2. Use Credit Card for Online Payments

It costs you nothing, but helps you enormously when you pay online for the following reasons:

  • Better, faster & easier customer support If something goes wrong, we are better able to assist you-often within minutes.
  • Better reservation tracking & lower reservation error risk All problematic reservations on this site involve bookings whereby the guest did NOT pay by credit card through the owner's web site.
  • Instantly confirmed, guaranteed bookings Don't wait around for your booking to be confirmed,while you lose out on other great properties!
  • More accurate business volume tracking This helps us negotiate with vendors for better prices for our site users & owners, thus helping you get more value & service.
  • Fraud prevention & increased privacy No one sees your credit card information, not even the owner. If something goes seriously wrong, you can reverse the charges on your credit card.
  • Make an important site contribution We make an extremely teeny tiny amount of money on all rent transactions. Since we do a lot of transactions, it funds live customer support 5 days per week and continued development of the web site technologies & payment system that make the site even safer, faster & more private for you & other site users. Online payments cost you nothing, makes your booking safer and more convenient & is a nominal, tax-deductible business cost to the owners that is no more, and usually less, than standard, industry-wide merchant credit card fees.

3. Buy your Whistler Accommodation & Lift Tickets Directly on this Site with Your Credit Card

Your business transaction directly through this site strengthens our ability to work directly with homeowners and resort guest services providers like Whistler Blackcomb, to increase your Whistler experience & value opportunities.

4. Spread the Word!

Refer your friends and family to our Whistler Blackcomb web site!

5. Send Feedback

You shape this company, policies and resources with your feedback! We respond personally to all suggestions, comments and feedback!

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To say that we are grateful for your kind and generous support would be a huge understatement!