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New to the alluraDirect.com's Whistler accommodation booking system? Here are a few tips that will ensure your Whistler holiday is satisfying and hassle free.

Book EarlyTips on booking your Whistler lodging with AlluraDirect.com

Our owners sell out quickly! Since most bookings on our directory are now live (instant), please note that availability changes by the minute. Once you find what you like, book it to avoid disappointment.

In particular, find out if your planned vacation dates cover a special event happening in the resort. This could mean you need to book even earlier.

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Choose the Right Whistler Accommodation

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Whistler accommodation areas
, view maps and take video tours. Make an educated decision when choosing a Whistler vacation rental.


Use the Reservation System at all Times for Maximum Consistency

When you are ready to book, click the owner's "Reserve Now" button. You will be requested to provide information that the owner needs to process your reservation. Both the owner and our company are bound by Canadian privacy laws.

Pay Online for All Payments

This gives you security, privacy and convenience, and allows you to pay in the currency of your choice, on your time! Reservations transacted online are also tracked and virtually devoid of any human error. Almost 95% of all problematic reservations involve reservations where the payment transaction did not occur directly through the owner's web site.

Pay on Time!

Owners will cancel your reservation if you fail to pay by their due dates.

Get the Right Documentation

Always get everything in writing (e-mail is sufficient), including the policies, with each payment.

Get a Copy of the Owner's Web Site

Before you book, download a copy of the owner's web site onto your local computer, as previous described. This is part of proper documentation.

Make Sure the Property is Listed on alluraDirect.com

If it is not listed on alluraDirect.com, it is not subject to our review and complaints process.

Check the Availability CalendarMake the most of your Whistler lodging! Smooth the process with these great tips

If you made an offline booking, has the owner added your reservation to their calendar? If not, then other site users think that it is still available, and your booking could be at risk of human error. Make sure that the owner blocks off your dates to ensure a smooth reservation experience.

How to Check the Owner's Legitimacy

Ask for references from past guests or call the local resort association to confirm their membership.

Get the Property and Check-In Information

Never leave home without the property access information and instructions.

Get Emergency Contact Information

Never leave home without first having the owner's in-resort emergency contact information

If An Owner Owes you a Refund

Never accept a credit for a booking in another year. The owner could sell the property in the interim. Always take the cash in the present.

Buy Ski Travel Insurance

Protect yourself against unforeseen accidents by purchasing ski travel insurance.

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