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Vacation Rental Savings Tips

Tip #1: Book Vacation Rentals Directly with Homeowners | Rent a Self-Catering Vacation Home & Eat In Instead of Eating Out!

Renting a vacation rental instead of a hotel room saves you a gob of money through restaurant bills alone. Whistler has great grocery stores. You can save even more on groceries by ordering them online, or by buying them in cities or towns along the way, so you don't have to pay resort prices.

Booking your vacation rentals directly with homeowners and small companies saves you money by avoiding layers of middle agent fees.

Prices are quoted for up to the maximum sleeping capacity of the property, not per person, like many hotel deals that are currently being advertised. Finally, most owners have free parking, whereas most rental managers and hotels have an additional nightly parking fee.

Tip #2: Plan your Vacation Rental Dates around Seasonal Pricing & Deals

Start or end your vacation dates in cheaper pricing seasons and promotions.

Shifting your dates by as little as 1 night can save you hundreds of dollars due to seasonal nightly pricing.

Our vacation rental search tool is uniquely designed to help you scope out the best date-driven accommodation deals.

Uncover these opportunities by entering in a broader date range than the number of nights you want to stay.

For example, to find the best deal on a 5-night stay in January, enter Jan 1-31 as your date range and 5 nights as your number of nights. The best deals during your target date range will appear near the top of the lodging search results.

Tip #3: Plan your Vacation Rental Dates around Resort Promotions

Plan your dates around local promotions to layer more savings onto your early booking discounts.

Tip #4: Choose your Vacation Rental Size Category Wisely & Start your Search with the Smallest One Possible

When you do an accomodation search on, your search results include all properties that minimally meet & exceed your requirements.

Results are also sorted by least to most expensive.

That means that you will see properties that meet your minimum expectations in terms of size, but your results will also include larger properties that may exceed your size requirements, but that may be cheaper!

Start your vacation rental search on the smallest size category. You will be delighted to see really large properties appearing above smaller ones on the search results because they have a lower nightly price.

The owner may simply have different revenue requirements and is pricing their home cheaper.

Tip #5: Don't Rule out Lofts or Dens as Bedrooms in your Whistler Accomodation Choices

Did you know that lofts and dens can be really great bedrooms?

Don't rule out lofts and dens as bedrooms, because booking a 2 bed + loft home, rather than a 3 bedroom home, could save you thousands of dollars!

Start your vacation rental search on the smallest size category possible and don't rule out lofts & bedrooms.

There's lots of better ways to spend thousands of dollars!

Tip #6: Consider Alternative Vacation Rental Locations

Local shuttle or transit systems quickly link most areas to the central desirable...and more expensive locations.

What does this mean for you?

Consider staying in more remote locations to save some money & for the following benefits:

  • Pay a lot less money and still be close to everything by walking or by transit
  • You may get a bigger property & more amenities for the same amount of money

Give our vacation rental search engine a try and check out the various location options and prices.

Tip #7: Expand Your Group Size

Getting a bigger property and adding an extra 2 people could save you a few hundred dollars by spreading the cost out among more bodies. This is especially true if the larger property is almost the same price as slightly smaller one.

Two families sharing a 3 bedroom home is often more economical than 1 family in a 2 bedroom property.

When doing a vacation rental search, check out the larger properties too, and consider inviting a good friend, another family or favourite family member!

Tip #8: Consider Adding an Extra Day

Owners often offer lower nightly rates for longer stays.

You can't beat that value!

Look out for these types of promotions when you do your vacation rental search.

Tip #9: Know the Vacation Rentals Fine Print

There are many vacation rental promotions out there.

Here are some things to watch out for:

  • Hidden nightly parking fees
  • Prices quoted per person, and not for up to the total maximum sleeping capacity of the property
  • Prices based on a teeny tiny room
  • Deals where availability is suddenly sold out, so you have to call someone. Watch out, you will be upsold!
  • Hidden sales taxes
  • Blind booking - you are not given the name of the property you are staying in until after you have paid for it. You don't need to walk the plank on - you always see the exact property you will stay in (as opposed to a representation), before you book it.

Give our vacation rental search a try and compare prices and choices. You won't be disappointed!

Tip #10: Take a Limo or Charter a Van Instead of Renting a Car

Good public transportation systems mean that renting a car may not be necessary while you are on vacation.

If you don't rent a car, how do you get to your vacation rental from the airport?

Consider sharing a limo or chartering a van. It is often cheaper than renting a car or taking the bus, when divided among all the people in your group or family.

The additional benefits are that someone picks you up and sweats over your stuff at the airport, and that you can relax and enjoy the scenery, after your exhausting travel day.