Ten Reasons Why Hotels Suck and Why Rental Properties are Better.

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1. You almost NEVER know if you're getting the best price. Hotels advertise through many channels so it's impossible to know if you've found the best deal.

2. You're not just paying for the room. Even if you're confident you've sleuthed out the best deal after hours of internet searches and have the buggy eyes to show for it - half of what you're paying covers reseller commissions and advertising.

3. That awesome room rate you found ends up doubling because you enjoyed some of the hotel's amenities. Hardly anyone stays at a hotel without making a phone call, connecting to the internet or munching on something from the mini bar. These "extras" usually cost you 5 - 10 times as much as what the hotel pays for them!

4. You need a parking stall, not another room for your car! So why do hotels charge such exorbitant parking rates? On top of that, should someone break in to your vehicle, they're not responsible.

5. You're in China but you'd never know it! Ok, this applies primarily to chain hotels where the majority of rooms are boring, cookie-cutter and completely uninspired.

6. Surprises can be fun - but not when it comes to your room. You'll see a bunch of beautiful, glossy photos of "representative" rooms on the hotel's website or in their brochure, but this isn't often what materializes in reality.

7. Checking in can be a marathon event. You wait in line, get to learn how awesome the hotel's restaurant and gift shop are and then get your luggage highjacked by bellboys expecting tips! Ahh, the relaxation....

8. It's quite possible you'll have charming next-door neighbours. Parties are fun when you don't have to rise early and especially if you're invited! The noisy hotel room neighbour variety - not so much.

9. You need to be contortionists to cram more than one person into their tiny rooms - and don't forget your luggage! Nothing says 'good morning' better than a toe stump on a suitcase!

10. You'd hate to see what the room looked like under a microscope! Hotel rooms have super high turnover which means that many, many Guests have stayed before you and well, left their mark on the place. Some Guests of the creepy crawly variety may even still be there!

Please note: These are generalizations and do not apply to every hotel operation - just the majority we've had experience with :)

Unfortunately, you can't bring your house on vacation, so where do you stay if not in hotels? Book a vacation rental. Better yet, book a vacation rental direct from the Owner and almost all of the above scenarios can be avoided!

  • Pay the Owner directly and skip middle agent commissions.
  • Know you're getting the best rate.
  • Enjoy free amenities like internet and local phone calls with most rentals.
  • Get free parking with most rentals.
  • Enjoy unique accommodation with decor that reflects the culture and landscape of the area.
  • Know exactly what you're getting. Review photos of the specific condo or home before making a booking.
  • Check-in to the property directly without check-in desk hassles.
  • Get way more space than a hotel room. Vacation rentals are second homes to their Owners so they're going to be more spacious and comfortable.
  • The majority of Owners take great pride in their properties and wouldn't want to stay in a poorly maintained place themselves. The turnover on rentals is also much lower than a standard hotel room.