Ski/Snowboard School - Beginner Level Programs

Stop watching & start doing! Conquer more terrain and inhale more of Whistler's breathtaking scenery by increasing your skiing/riding confidence.

Whistler Blackcomb Beginner Programs

Should you be in a beginner program? Check your ability first!

If you've landed in the wrong spot, click here to see intermediate & advanced programs.


1. Private Lessons

The ultimate mountain learning experience. You'll get lift line priority, ski or ride the best (and secret) terrain and one-on-one instruction to bring you to the next level. A private lesson is the fastest way to improve.

For the most recent list of programs available for all skill levels, please check out Whistler Blackcombs informaiton page. Click Here to View

2. Learn to Ski or Ride Lessons

You'll learn in a relaxed environment with other students of your same ability level. For the best first-time results, join the three-day program for a learning experience you will never forget.

There's no rush in the Learn-to-Ski/Ride program; take your time and gain the confidence you need before moving up.

  • Lots of beginner friendly terrain
  • Expanded learning zones with gated areas and easy lifts
  • Special ski and board rentals
  • Experienced pros who make learning a new sport non-intimidating and fun

For the most recent list of programs available for all skill levels, please check out Whistler Blackcombs informaiton page. Click Here to View

Determine Your Ability Level

Adult Skiing

Ability Level

Adult Snowboarding

Never skied before. View beginner programs above.


Never ridden before. View beginner programs above.

Novice. Ridden a lift, can turn and stop under control. Prefer to ski at a slow pace. Green runs remain a bit of a challenge. View beginner programs above.


Novice. Able to slide and stop both front & backside. Attempting turns on green runs. View beginner programs above..

Novice/Intermediate. Feel at home on green runs but barely venture on to a blue run. View beginner programs above.


Novice/Intermediate. Able to link sweeping pivot turns on green runs, but rarely venture blue runs. View beginner programs above.

Intermediate. Can ski most blue runs; however, do with some reservations. My skis are parallel most of the time and I ski at moderate speed. View programs.


Intermediate. Comfortable linking turns on all green runs and easy blue runs. Ready for an introduction to the Terrain Park. View programs.

High Intermediate. Comfortable on blue runs. I might like to learn short turns and moguls, yet still improving my carving. View programs.


High Intermediate. Consistently linking turns on all blue runs and would like to explore more challenging terrain. View programs.

Advanced. Enjoy the challenges of skiing moguls, steeps and powder. View programs.


Advanced. Enjoy black runs and would like to be able to ride in all types of terrain and conditions. View programs.

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