Whistler Canada Hotel Accommodation - Your Best Option?

Whistler hotel accommodation comes in in all shapes and sizes to suit all budgets.

But is a hotel really the way to go?

Booking self-catering accommodation gives you many advantages that hotels don't, including more space, amenities and location benefits that keep money in your pocket...

Which means that you have more money left over to enjoy other things like Whistler's fine restaurants, spas and activities!

Before dashing into a hotel booking, consider the following:

Whistler Hotel Accommodation vs Self-Catering Lodging: Access to the Mountains, Noise & other Location Considerations

Although it's true that most Whistler hotels are located closer to the lifts, you'll be giving up lots of money and a good night sleep, for a central location.

The closer you are to the mountain base, the more you will pay per square foot. You'll also be in the middle of high traffic and noise areas, while having less space to stretch your tired legs.

If location is your prime consideration, keep in mind that Whistler has an extensive selection of larger, self-catering condos and townhouses in equally excellent locations. Like Whistler hotels, self-catering options are an easy walk to the lifts, shops and restaurants, while others are a short free shuttle ride, which drops you off at the base of the lifts or in the heart of the village.

This means that you can be in a great location, while getting more space for your money, cash left over for other treats, and a better night sleep!

Whistler Hotel Accommodation Search Tip: Before checking out hotels, search self-catering Whistler Accommodation in the form at the top of this page and select "less than 10 minute walk" as your maximum distance from the lifts. See for yourself how close you get while paying less for more space and perks.

The money you keep in your pocket can be used for great meals and wine, in or out of your lodging!

Whistler Cheap Hotel Room vs Private Condo Rentals: If Pennies Count, Go the Private Condo Route

Hotels make a bundle by charging for every little extra. What looks like a great hotel discount rate, ends up costing more than a self-catering option.

If you're looking for discount or cheap lodging, a hotel will cost you more than a private condo or townhouse after you factor in the extras.

Here are some ways you save by booking self-catering lodging as opposed to a hotel:

Meals - Self-catering lodging enables you to cook some of your own fabulous meals at a fraction of the cost of eating out. In contrast, hotels force you to pay through the nose for every single meal. Pocket hundreds of dollars just by whipping up your own breakfasts and lunches from your condo, rather than eating out.

Snacks - Let's face it, raiding the bar fridge in a hotel is bad form and planning, especially when the same bottled water from the grocery store is a fraction of the price!

Parking - Expect to pay $15-$30 per night for each parking spot if you are staying at a hotel. In contrast, most self-catering private homes have free or cheaper parking fees.

Telephone Fees - Why pay additional fees to make local calls from a hotel? It's insanity!

Internet Access-Most self-catering homes give you free, unlimited internet access. In contrast, many hotels make money by charging you for internet access.


Whistler Hotel vs Condo Accommodation: Rates & Value Comparison

Self-catering accommodation allows you to share the nightly costs among more people, for up to the vacation home's maximum sleeping capacity. For example, if your vacation rental home has three queen-sized beds, it can accommodate up to 6 people without any extra fees.

In contrast, hotels often charge you by the person. Even though your hotel room can sleep up to 4 people, you're almost always going to pay extra for the third and fourth person. These extra fees can sometimes come close to doubling your accommodation cost.

Whistler Hotel vs Private Accommodation: Amenities & Services

With the exception of front desk services, the amenities found at private vacation rental properties and hotels are very comparable. Some Whistler hotels have swimming pools, as do some Whistler vacation rentals. Both hotels and vacation rentals may have common-use hot tubs, saunas, fitness rooms or games rooms.

Where hotels and vacation rentals differ is when it comes to private amenities and services.

Most hotels will offer room service, mini bars, daily housekeeping and may have on-site restaurants and spas. Vacation rentals do not offer these services.

Where vacation rentals almost always trump hotels is when it comes to private amenities and the little extras only a homeowner would think of. Common perks of vacation rentals include:

  • private hot tubs
  • barbeques
  • full kitchens stocked with pots, pans and sometimes even spices and dry goods
  • DVDs, CDs, books and board games
  • private laundry facilities

Whistler Hotels vs Private Lodging: Room Sizes & Leisure Space

The average Whistler hotel accommodation is around 350 square feet in size. You may be able to find a private vacation rental this size, if you look really hard, but don't waste too much time trying.

Oftentimes, Whistler hotel rooms cost as much or even more per night that a spacious one bedroom vacation rental condo. One bedroom condos aren't usually any smaller than 500 square feet and can run up to 700 square feet in size.

Not only do you get more space with a vacation rental but the space is filled with useful things like a full kitchen and separate living area!


Like the Idea of a Vacation Rental instead of Whistler Hotel Accommodation?

Search over 550 Whistler vacation rentals and find the one that's right for you. alluraDirect.com lists everything from smaller studio units up to gigantic chalets for large groups.

Whistler vacation rental properties are located all across the resort - some slopeside, some just off the pedestrian walkway, some at the base and others further away. Some rentals are oozing with desirable amenities, others are more basic. Whatever your budget and desire, there's a place for you. Try an accommodation search now on the top of this page!