Whistler Bungee

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Ever imagined yourself in Whistler, bungee jumping in the pristine wilderness of the mountains? Feel the rush as you plummet 160 feet above the Cheakamus river. Voted "Whistler's Most Extreme Thing To Do" in 2011 by the Whistler locals, Whistler bungee is an experience not to be missed. 

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Experience the rush with Whistler Bungee!

Experience Whistler Bungee at Cheakamus Adventures

Nestled in the Whistler wilderness lies the gleaming Whistler Bungee bridge, high above the broiling river below. Looking down over the railing, getting yourself hooked up the rope, and finally, standing on the edge of the abyss - it's about as heart-pounding as it sounds. And just as exciting.

Take it from us, give Cheakamus Adventures a try today and you'll be telling your friends about it for the rest of your life. The hardest part is deciding how you will plunge. Here are some descriptions of the various ways to jump with Cheakamus Adventures.

Offering 4 Ways to Jump

1. Chest / Waist

Perhaps this sounds a little odd, but jumping with a chest and waist harness provides ample comfort and safety. (Also you’re less likely to get squeamish if the world isn’t upside down). The chest and waist harness

hold you in an upright position during the rebounds (which are quite high) and allows you to marvel at the canyon’s awe inspiring beauty as you wait for them to pull you back up to the bridge.

2. Ankle / Waist

The traditional way to jump, this method ensures you plummet headfirst towards the seething Cheakamus rapids. Thankfully, Cheakamus Adventure's Whistler Bungee jumpers uses a softer cord for this type of jump so there is less of a spine-stinging snap when the cord stretches taut. A secondary waist harness allows you to be upright while they haul you back up to the bridge.

Experience the rush with Whistler Bungee!

3. Tandem

Cheakamus Adventures offers tandem jumping for couples that desire a unique way to express their love, and for friends too petrified to hurl themselves alone into the abyss. They recommend a combined weight of no more than 300 lbs (unless you don’t mind a dip in the river).

4. Wheelchair

Cheakamus Adventure fits you in a waist and chest harness, then rigs a separate one for the wheelchair. They recommend the easiest way to launch yourself off the bridge is to get 3 friends to hoist your over the railing.

An Unblemished Safety Record

As you take that fateful step across the threshold, with nothing but empty space between you and the torrent below, you realize the danger is a slight fallacy. After all, Whistler bungee has a perfect safety record and operators with over 17 years experience. So contact them today and try one of Whistler's most extreme activities.

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