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Sun Peaks Weather Trends and Packing Tips

Don’t know what to expect or pack for your next Sun Peaks Resort vacation? Look below to learn more about Sun Peaks, BC weather patterns and great tips on knowing what to pack with you on your next vacation.

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Sun Peaks Weather Forecast


How's the Weather in Sun Peaks?

  • Winter Season (Dec – Feb): Weather conditions are cold and windy and temperatures are as low as minus 6 degrees celsius.
  • Spring and Summer Seasons (Mar - Jul): In the Summer, weather conditions are normally hot and dry at Sun Peaks. However, expect slight showers in the Spring. During months of July and August, temperatures can reach up to 20 degrees celsius. Be sure to slap on your sun screen!
  • Fall Season (Aug - Nov): In the fall, you might see slight showers and cold temperatures. Be sure to bring a jacket to keep yourself warm.


What Should You Pack?Sun Peaks, BC Climate and Forecasts

  • Winter Season (Dec – Feb): Pack a water resistant jacket as your outer layer and bring thin layers of clothes. A good tip is to wear multiple layers when going skiing or snowboarding in Sun Peaks to keep warm and if weather gets too warm then you can take each layer off separately.
  • Spring and Summer (Mar - Jul): In the summer it is best to wear a t-shirt and a thin jacket. Be sure to bring sun block with you and wear a hat as temperatures can get up to 20 degrees celsius at any time of day.
  • Fall (Aug - Nov): Bring a wind jacket if you have one or an umbrella if you’re strolling along the village. It’s always a good idea to wear a sweater and a t-shirt underneath as sometimes the weather conditions can get windy.

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Need to Rent Clothing?

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  • Map to Sun Peaks - How to Get to Sun Peaks Resort?

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