AlluraDirect Wants To Promote Your Vancouver Business!

Are you looking for more business opportunities and free front page exposure on a growing Vancouver destination web site? We would like to offer you the unique opportunity of free promotion on AlluraDirect to familiarize our large and growing customer base with local products and services through AlluraDirect's Consumer-Direct Discount Program.

What Is The Vancouver Consumer-Direct Discount Program?

The Consumer-Direct Discount Program sends commission-free business directly to your guest service, because we know that your business is where our valued site users will get the most enthusiastic, knowledgeable & trustworthy service.

No one knows your business better than you do. No one is more excited, energetic, credible or trustworthy when it comes to selling your business or answering customer questions relating to your business, than you are. Finally, no one is better able to form that customer-for-life bond that brings coveted repeat business to your company, than you are with your customers.

The program is free for you and our site users, is easy to administer and will bring you excellent customer prospects. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain! Does it sound too good to be true? It isn't - we have been successfully working with local businesses like yours since 1999.

Sounds Great, How Do I Sign Up For Vancouver Consumer-Direct Discount Program?

If you would like to participate in the program, simply send an email to us indicating your interest. We’ll reply with a small information package for you to complete.

To learn more about the program benefits, read on!



Vancouver Program Benefits - What's In It For You?

1 - Free Extensive Exposure for your Business on AlluraDirect

Your business will get increased exposure and business opportunity in the following ways:

    • The Consumer-Direct Discount Program is given prominent exposure on a destination specific homepage.
    • The site's Discount section categorizes businesses and makes it easier for site users to find you.
    • Your business will be given a full page profile on a fully search-engine indexable page on AlluraDirect (view sample)

2 - Free Help with Your Search Engine Marketing Initiatives

If you are like us, you know that attracting customers is one of your biggest business expenses. Luckily, organic search engine marketing is free...notwithstanding your time. (Note: Your organic search engine rankings are where your website appears in the Google, MSN, and Yahoo search results).

Paradoxically, as a small business, it can be difficult to compete on the search engines with the bigger resort companies. We deeply empathize with your challenge of competing with these large organizations, because we walk in your shoes daily with the exact same problem!

Links that say something relevant about you from an authoritative site like AlluraDirect are a vital part of your successful search engine marketing strategy.

3 - Free Exposure & Promotion in AlluraDirect's Newsletter

AlluraDirect sends out an informational newsletter that does not accept paid advertising. Your participation in the Consumer-Direct Discount Program gets your business regular promotion for FREE!

4 - Increase your Sales through Direct & Personal Contact (Create Customers for Life)

We know we'll never be able to speak about your business with the passion that can only come from you. That's why we'll send customers to you, so that you can sell your product directly and increase the chance of a successful outcome. It's these authentic personal connections that build lifetime customer relationships!

5 - Easy Program Sign-Up and Maintenance (No Commission Tracking, No Administration, No Work for You!)

Once we have set you up, the program is as easy and simple as making sure that you and your staff remember to honour the unique Customer Code to AlluraDirect users. Just in case, we also send out helpful reminders. So rather than paying us for a committed customer referral or for promoting you, you will pass on 100% of the concierge fee or incentive that AlluraDirect would have received for the customer referral to customers who present the customer code at booking or at your premises.

I'm Sold -- How Do I Sign Up For The Vancouver Consumer-Direct Program?

If you would like to participate in the program, simply send us an email indicating your interest. We’ll reply with a small information package for you to complete.