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Testimonials from Whistler Owners

"We are VERY HAPPY with the Allura product. You should peek at our bookings traffic, also very successful. This results from the excellence of your portal, coupled together with our above average unit with very aggressive pricing."

David W., Whistler owner (


"First of all Sue (CEO and founder of I just want to say that having been a member of for nearly 10 years now, I am so impressed with the evolution that I have witnessed you and therefore go through in that time.

With my other properties around the world I am subscribed to a number of internet sites and none are as pro-active or as professional as you. Many, many congratulations on developing into what it has become today.

Your latest insights are spot on and I will heed them. Thanks for all the great work. I seem to say that every time I mail you but I really mean it."

Andy C., Whistler Owner (


"Dear Sue, (CEO and founder of,

It is with much regret that we just sold our place at Whistler and will no longer be AlluraDirect clients. I have so enjoyed using AlluraDirect and consider it one of the best run companies I have ever encountered. Here’s why:

  • Anytime one of our renters or I have had a question your employees have responded quickly, knowledgeably, and pleasantly.
  • You have provided great business and marketing advice, such as sending articles on market trends and comparisons to other vacation areas (e.g. Colorado).
  • You are always innovating and working to make the website better (like adding different rates for different lengths of stays).

At the end of every year, our family reviews the past year and each person lists the Top 10 best things. You’ve always made my list because you allowed me to do the best and most efficient job I could in renting our Whistler place. I will miss that!"

Holly J., Whistler Owner (


"…after 10 years with Allura it is still good and I thank you for your good service!"

Jim C., Whistler Owner (


"My kids were telling me that I wouldn’t be able to manage my property online because I was not good with computers. Since I signed up with, for the past 4 years, they have been like my computer consultants. Teaching me how to use the computer and manage my own property online!
 I love them!"

Elizabeth Y., Whistler Owner (


"I have been very satisfied with The customer service folks have been very friendly and helpful, and the program has made doing business very easy. I really cannot think of anything to make it better. Thanks for helping me out during the last five years."

Eric S., Whistler Owner (


"I own 4 properties in Whistler Creek Ridge and list all 4 on Since joining, my profits have doubled compared to last year in using a rental manger."

Mike B, Whistler Owner (


"For several years, I had a property listed on the and am currently acting as a private rental manager with property on the website.  Over the past 8 years I have had the pleasure of managing several properties and in this time have never had to list these properties with other websites.  My booking and reservation experience with has been, for the most part, wonderful and my guests have always been happy and I now have a repeat client base that always books through the website.  This site is quite useful with lots of tools available for the owners as well as the guests. has done a good job for both myself and my owners."

Teresa D., Whistler Owner (

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Testimonials from Big White Owners

"Hi Sue (CEO and founder of,

Just finished reading the anxiously awaited newsletter.  Kudos to you and the team once again. I have never considered myself an expertise at "this" as I've only been doing it for about 3 years now. I'm delighted to say there were no surprises with the suggestions and recommendations. (With the exception of the video cords for the TV's.....I usually end up at the end of the season with an unclaimed assortment of left behind cables, cords and battery charges! Never thought of providing them for guest use.) I've already implemented many of them for next season.


The newsletter will reinforce what I've been suggesting to owners all along. Not so keen on the bathrobes as they take forever to dry, but everything else is a no brainer. I'm pretty much right on the money with the rate suggestions, still playing with some of that.


The last newsletter and the new amenity features got me motivated and moving on a full review of each website. I've been working my way thru all the sites since then - tweaking rates, adding longer stays, improve content and appearance etc.


Thanks as always to your team.  Anney is a sweetie, always helpful and positive.

Cheers for now."

Wendy S. from Vacation Services, Big White Owner (

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Testimonials from Sun Peaks Owners

"I just wanted to say that my web site is up and running, and we are getting great results!! I appreciate all the support I have received, and continue to receive with our web site. The automatic emails sent reminding of gaps, and the auto response letters sent to guests after booking is so helpful!"

Julie C., Sun Peaks Owner (


Testimonials from Fernie Owners

"We have achieved 70% of our bookings from since joining in September 2007. We choose to list on because they offered a very good service that encompassed all the rental requirements, from a booking management system to instant credit card payments which was very important to us as we live in a different country to our properties. The instant booking system is easy to use and if automated emails are setup properly everything is done for you. I definitely recommend to others."

Owner’s Tip: "Take time to setup your page with good descriptions and lots of good photos. Carefully analyze the market of your rental property to ensure you are charging a competitive rate. If you end up with small gaps in bookings then offer special discounts to fill them up."

We have 2 well developed listings on Be sure to check them out by at: &

Adrian S., Fernie Owner

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Testimonials from Silver Star Owners

I joined in October 2006 and was one of the first 10 owners to list my Silver Star property onto "After I was contacted by and activated my property listing, I was given a good sign up bonus. I have been receiving bookings occasionally and am happy with and would recommend it to others."

Owner’s Tip: Don’t be afraid to learn and manage your property yourself. Because "I’m just learning it myself" to use the system and it’s been a breeze.

View my 4 bedroom and loft property in Silver Star resort at

Rick S., Silver Star Owner


I felt an instant connection and relationship with at my first call and this is why I choose to list my property onto…“The follow-up phone call to the email that I received was from a well-spoken Customer Support Rep and I liked her immediately on the phone. (She owns a place at Whistler) We must receive about 20 emails per month from various rental outfits wanting us to join, so the personable phone call was the determining factor. Also the fact that you are directed to ski business.”

You’re not dreaming and It’s true, call now and find out how you too can list your property! To view my listing on check out

Janet L., Silver Star Owner

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Testimonials from Kicking Horse Owners

“I have been very pleased with the service. Within the first two months of launching my site, I have taken in $15,000 in bookings. I’ve also found the site makes administration and collections for my property easy. I would highly recommend this service to other owners who wish to manage their own property rentals.”

Greg, C., Kicking Horse Chalet Owner (


"I choose to list on after speaking with a friend who uses I have been very pleased with the inquiries that I have received. Also’s Owner Relations department has always been very helpful and I would definitely recommend others to join."

I have been a member on since Nov-06 and own a luxurious 3 bedroom and 3 bath ski in/out chalet in Kicking Horse resort. Simply go to to view my listing and recommend your friends and family to come vacation at Kicking Horse resort too!

Barb M., Kicking Horse Owner

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Testimonials from Mont Tremblant Owners

"AlluraDirect has produced $3,100 worth of bookings in only 2 months! Many of us owners have opted to instead promote our properties independently on the internet. With multiple advertising listings all over the internet, it is difficult to not only manage pricing across each and every web site, but also to manage important details that must be communicated to potential guests. As a solution, I invite you to view both the web site and also one of my listings at Every property listed on receives an individual property page like mine.

"This page will give you an idea just how comprehensive the site is promoting your property. If you look very closely at the Whistler information, you will see that they are able to purchase lift tickets at reduced rates and offer them to your guests. Also, because they have such a large following, the company has screened local companies and businesses that clean properties, do repairs and other jobs—all of which are an invaluable asset for the remote property owner.

"Hoping to see your listing beside mine in the near future!"

John B., Mont Tremblant Owner ( &


"We listed on to take advantage of’s new property listings in the Mont-Tremblant, Quebec resort and to evaluate the system. I really liked the ability to take instant bookings and give guests the feeling of security and protection associated with credit card payments. I have already recommended to fellow homeowners and they too have joined."

Owner’s Tip: Be sure to read "The emails and tips from As they have some very valuable information to share and help owner’s in the rental business. Be sure to read them, they have helped us."

We were one of the first 10 owner’s to list on for Mont Tremblant resort and have already received $823 in bookings! And I only had to pay $9.95 for the subscription fee. Go to to take a look at my fabulous pictures!

Peter L., Mont Tremblant Owner

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