Meet the alluraDirect Team

alluraDirect is staffed by creative and committed individuals who are committed to helping you have a great experience, whether you're an owner or a guest. We aren't perfect and we know it. We live with the gap of where we are now and where we want to be on a daily basis. Hence, we are always moving forward!

alluraDirect Staff Bio

alluraDirect Staff Photo - Taivo Evard

Taivo Evard

CTO - Software Developer

Taivo joined after graduating in CompSci at UBC (BCS), and is a polyglot programmer who enjoys solving complex problems. Co-owner of alluraDirect since 2017

alluraDirect Staff Photo - Matthew Hick

Matthew Hick

CEO - Operations

Business development and operations. Co-owner of alluraDirect since 2017

Office Morale Boosters

alluraDirect - Cassie and Piper

Piper & Cassie

Piper and Cassie are regular fixtures in the office. They both enjoy napping, eating, chasing each other in circles and eating sushi. Piper's toy of choice is the ping-pong ball, and, like many of us here at alluraDirect, Cassie loves playing in the snow!