Silver Star Vacation Homeowners:
Share Your Home, Not Your Rental Revenue

for only $125/year

Since 1997, over 900 owners just like you have succeeded by listing their properties with Expect the following from

Booking Leads - You get guests knocking on your virtual door, wanting to stay at your Silver Star vacation home. How do we do this? Guests find Silver Star vacation rentals in top positions of search engines, like Google and other internet advertising. Once prospective Silver Star guests get to the AlluraDirect web site, they find your property.

A Fully-Customizable Website & Online Credit Card Processing Service - Get a fully-customizable website for the exclusive presentation of your property. Check out a Silver Star property website by clicking here. Included are: 30 photo & map spots, detailed information about your place and the ability to "instantly" take credit payments from your guests. What does this mean? Here's an explanation of how it all happens:

  1. An interested guest goes to your property web page
  2. They select their desired dates for their stay
  3. They enter in their credit card number to reserve your place and make a booking payment to you
  4. Your property availability calendar is automatically blocked off (so you don't get a double booking)
  5. The guest automatically gets a personalized email from you detailing the information they need for their stay (you've already set up the information before-hand and we send it out automatically when payment is confirmed).
  6. You get the guest's money in your Canadian bank account 4 business days later, less a 4% transaction fee.Silver Star Vacation Home
  7. All this happens in a matter of minutes without your direct involvement! Finally, a hassle free way of getting and processing bookings and keeping most of the rental money for yourself (rather than giving it to a Rental Manager).

    Not internet savvy? No worries - simply call a friendly Customer Support Rep at and we will personally help you with building your website, so you can get bookings right away!



A Separate, Unbranded Web Site - All the information from your property page is mirrored on another website (without any logos) so you can advertise and "instantly" process outside leads.

Advertise your unbranded site on other web sites, posters around town, on business cards, etc. Guests can then process their own secure bookings on their own time (no losing bookings due to time zone constraints) without the temptation to browse around at other properties. helps you manage all of your online marketing channels in one central reservation-management system. Now that's book-keeping made easy!

Check out a private website listing at:

Expert Advice - You have help available to you, don't hesitate to contact us. Our friendly and patient customer support reps are here to help you with any technical problems you experience, and to assist your guests with the booking process of your Silver Star home. Get help & connections to reliable property support services like cleaners and maintenance companies too.

It's low risk. Pay only $125 to try us out. 

One booking alone will more than pay for the subscription.  


Get More Information on Listing Your Silver Star Vacation Home

Do you have more unanswered questions? Are you concerned about "flying out on your own" and taking rentals without a Rental Manager? Do you feel that you need to talk to someone for advice?

AlluraDirect has friendly customer support reps that are eager to help you and available to consult on how you can successfully run your vacation rental home.


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