Silver Star Mountain Resort - Tips For Saving Money On Your Accommodation, Lift Tickets and More

Everyone knows ski vacations are pricey. Yet you've already made the most important decision towards saving money -- you've chosen Silver Star mountain resort, a gem in the British Columbia wilderness that is substantially cheaper than it's big brother Whistler (at least for now).

Here are some further tips to help you stretch your dollar at Silver Star Mountain Resort, on your accommodation, lift tickets, meals and more.

Save that cash for the piggy bank and enjoy more Silver Star Mountain Resort

Tip #1 - Book Your Trip to Silver Star Mountain Resort Early

Myth: booking your flight at the last minute is often better than booking far in advance. This idea could have been started by airlines or travel agents that needed to unload a number of unsold seats quickly.

Rest assured, its always better to book as early as possible. Last minute bargains are certainly possible, but they remain the exception. A mid-week flight can further reduce your cost.

Tip #2 - Book Your Silver Star Mountain Resort Accommodation Directly with Homeowners

Booking your Silver Star mountain resort accommodation directly with homeowners and small companies saves you money by avoiding the burden of middle agent fees. Many owners quote their prices for up to the maximum sleeping capacity of the property, not per person. And as an added perk, most owners have free parking, whereas rental managers and hotels can charge additional nightly parking fees.

Tip #3 Invite More Friends And Share The Cost of Silver Star Mountain Resort

Im sure youve heard that two is company, and threes a crowd. But consider sharing the cost of your Silver Star mountain resort accommodation with a few other friends and the price drops dramatically.

Plus, having extra people doesnt necessarily mean sacrificing personal space. Even renting a larger property can end up costing less per person than a Silver Star condo split among a single couple or family.

Tip #4 - Pack the Entertainment

Keeping kids entertained between hitting the ski slopes can be a pricey affair. Television and movie rentals are generally a fail-safe alternative to going out. Consider packing a number of fun alternatives to help in the slow periods, such as a few classic board games, a pack of crayons, or absolutely a pack or two of cards. After all, theres nothing quite like an evening of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit after a day of hard skiing.

Tip #5 - Skip the Meals Out on Silver Star Mountain Resort

This one is a killer. Eating out is easily one of the fastest ways to burn a hole in your finances, especially if youre vacation lasts more than a few days. The easiest alternative is to book your accommodation with a kitchen and prepare at least some of your Silver Star Mountain Resort meals ensuite. Not much of a chef? Not to worry, try searching a few simple recipes online before you go and surprise yourself. Your wallet will thank you.

Tip #6 - Look For Silver Star Mountain Resort Discounts In Tourist Brochures & Flyers

While strolling the streets and browsing the shops, keep an eye out for Silver Star Mountain Resort guides and helpful maps that often include discount coupons for various activities and restaurants. Even if you only save a few dollars per coupon, by the end of your trip, you could end up saving a significant amount. On the other hand youre likely to spend that money anyway since youre on vacation. Either way, you can afford to do more!

Tip #7 - Avoid the ATMs

ATMs can get you out of a jam if youre short on cash, but the surcharges on each withdrawl can quickly add up. The machine will charge you on the spot and you bank will charge you on your next monthly bill. Avoid the problem by purchasing travelers cheques, using your credit or debit card (as long as theres no charge), and carrying a decent amount of cash.

Tip #8 - Redeem Your Airmiles For Lift Tickets at Silver Star Mountain Resort

If youre from one of the countries that allows you to collect Airmiles (currently Canada, UK, the Netherlands, Spain and the U.A.E) then you can get free lift tickets this season! Simply redeem 300 miles for a weekday pass or 375 for a weekend pass, and youll be skiing all the way to the bank. Find out how to redeem your miles at your local Airmiles website.

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