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Map of Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Ski Resort Trail Map

Red Mountain Resort is situated near the Canada/US border in south-central British Columbia, 28 miles (45 km) south of Castlegar, and 3 miles (5 km) west of the town of Rossland. Check out the map for an idea of the various trails offered by Red Mountain Resort!

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Learn more about Red Mountain Resort

Red Mountain Resort actually encompasses two mountains: The original Red (after which the resort is named) is Granite mountain, which provide 1,585 skiable acres amidst the resort's total 4,200 acre area.

Red Mountain Ski Resort spans 400 acres of groomed trails and a 800 acres of tree skiing, with slopes descending in all 360. The resort is known for abundant supply of light, fluffy powder.

Red Mountain Resort is home to some tough skiing with three triple-black diamonds and more than 11 double-black diamond runs. But for the beginners and intermediate skiers, not to worry. Red Mountain Resort also hosts a wide variety of blue and green runs.

"If you pick your ski area for the martini bars and DKNY outlets, go to Whistler. If you want the pure skiing experience of deep powder in steep ultra expert terrain, go to Red Mountain Resort."

~ Paul Watt, Vancouver BC

Red Mountain Resort Accommodation

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