Pensacola Ski Club

Spice up your ski or board routine with the Pensacola Ski Club!

Pensacola Ski Club tripsCarve your path down slopes around the world with the Pensacola Ski Club. Perfect your ski technique while on vacation at one of the Club's numerous international or domestic ski trip destinations.

Tired of skiing alone? The Pensacola Ski Club's growing membership provides countless opportunities to make life-long friends to ride the chair lifts with. Fill your off-season free time with fellow Club members, stuffing your calendar full of Pensacola Ski Club year-round trips and social events.

Become a member by attending a Pensacola Ski Club meeting and begin your many ski club adventures today!

Ski Around the World with the Pensacola Ski Club

For the Pensacola Ski Club, travel is the main attraction to being a member. Carve down the slopes of North America, Europe, Asia, New Zealand and wherever else your ski legs will take you!

Why wait for a Ski Club trip? Plan your own Whistler adventure by booking owner-direct Whistler Accommodation. Avoid costly agent and middleman fees, and catch the best deals on discount Whistler lift tickets!

Take the stress out of your ski vacation by letting the Pensacola Ski Club plan your trip for you! Score huge group discounts and discouver hidden hot spots in ski resorts around the world. Sign up for a Pensacola Ski Club trip and leave your worries and obligations behind. All you'll need is a toothbrush and some beer money!Pensacola Ski Club trips

Choose from a variety of ski trip options:

National: Ski close to home or on the other side of the country at ski resorts in Colorado and Utah.

Across the Border: Explore ski peaks North of the border at ski resorts like Panorama in Canada.

Overseas: Taste the snow on another continent with skiing in Switzerland, Argentina, and Italy.

Use those precious vacation days to ski and see the world! Find out more about Pensacola Ski Club trips and get the most out of your ski vacation.

Enliven the Off-Season with the Pensacola Ski Club

Pensacola Ski Club year-round tripsFill your social calendar with adventure on a non-ski trip. Between ski seasons and monthly happy hours, the Pensacola Ski Club plans trips to exotic and exciting locations for the all-season adventurer.

Create new memories while waiting for the snow to fall, try exhilarating new activities, and secure huge travel discounts year-round. Here is a taste of what to expect on a Pensacola Ski Club non-ski trip:Pensacola Ski Club year-round tripsPensacola Ski Club year-round trip

- Explore the exotic flavours of regions like Bariloche in Argentina

- Learn to distinguish a Shiraz from a Merlot on a San Francisco Wine Country Tour

- Sip Manhattans between shopping sprees in a whirlwind New York City Tour

- Examine the ocean floor and bathe in the sun in the Bahamas

Sound like your type of adventure? Get the latest information on Pensacola Ski Club year-round trips and discover the benefits of group vacations.

Ready to Join the Pensacola Ski Club?

If you're looking for a club that's big on adventure and travel but low on commitment, this one's for you! New members and curious visitors are encouraged to attend a Pensacola Ski Club Board meeting to get a taste of how it runs.

Join the Pensacola Ski Club today by filling out a member application form. Memberships run from May 1 to April 30 each year with yearly renewals due at the end of the membership year.

Check out the Pensacola Ski Club events calendar for information on the next Pensacola Ski Club meeting.

Contact the Pensacola Ski Club:

PO Box 12692,
Pensacola, FL,

E-mail: Pensacola Ski Club


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