Parc du Mont Tremblant.

Parc du Mont Tremblant

Feel the spray of hidden waterfalls, bask in the grandeur of the Laurentien mountains, find a quiet spot just your own. Discover Parc du Mont Tremblant.

Neighbouring the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, the Parc du Mont Tremblant is a good excuse for an exciting adventure away. By canoe or on foot, you wont cover this park in a day. Parc National du Mont Tremblant is open year round, and can accommodate even the most unexpected vacation schedule.

Whether renting a condo at Mont Tremblant, or going fishing in one of the many rivers, or taking a sleigh ride, there is something to delight even the most reluctant nature goer. Take a break from the ski slopes of the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort in the winter in favour of a day of dog sledding in the park, or go canoeing with your family in the Summer.

Parc du Mont Tremblant- Dive into Summer Splashing or Winter Snowsports

Summer - Early May to the first snowfall

Winter - December 16 to March 25

River Adventures: Whether swimming or canoeing, the selection of rivers is awe inspiring. Riviere L'Assomption is the best teaching river, though for the more adventurous, the various Chute Rivers are ready to be explored. For a slow smooth ride, try the meandering Diable.

Snowshoeing: In snowshoes, you'll see the snow-covered park in a breath-taking new light. In La Diable Sector, you can go snowshoeing on the eastern bank of Lac Monroe on the Lac-des-Femmes, Roche and Corniche trails or take one of the longer trails.

Cycling: Seven circuits for cycling, totaling 62 km of trails, offer magnificent viewpoints.

Cross Country Skiing: 53 km of trails in 10 loops, ranging in difficulty, from easy to difficult. Finish a day of cross country skiing by stopping in at one of six warming huts. There is one 13-km skate skiing loop.

Fishing: Parc national du Mont Tremblant offers the perfect place for fishing enthusiasts in search of close contact with nature. Brook trout and Northern Pike can be found, even Brown Trout if you are lucky!

Dog sledding: Drive your own team of dogs over snow covered fields and forests, and even up into the mountains.

Hiking: Hiking is the most popular activity at Parc national du Mont Tremblant. Whether you are going for a short hike or a long trek, the huge network of trails allows you to discover the Laurentians. Detour Nature  offers guided hikes.

Ice Climbing: If you are looking for a challenge, ice climbing is it. Climb a frozen cliff face on Mont Tremblant, no experience necessary.

Backpacking: The backpacking trail network extends over 120 km of trails dotted with ten group huts able to accommodate from 2 to 18 people. Check with the park for maps and info.

Snowmobiling: Blaze tracks over the powdered snow, and experience the thrill of snowmobiling in Mont Tremblant.

Rock Climbing: try rock climbing for a bit of adventure. Pick a cliff face and start climbing. No experience needed.

Sleigh rides: Feel like a little kid again on a festive sleigh ride at night or during the day.

On the Road to Parc du Mont Tremblant:

Parc du Mont Tremblant is located three hours outside of Montreal. It is just past the Mont Tremblant Ski Resort, and easy to find with the directions below.
  • Assomption Sector (Saint-Come) - From Montreal take highway 25 to the 337 then the 343 to Sainte-Come. From Sainte-Come head north into the park. From Joliette take the 343 north Sainte-Come. In the park follow route 9.
  • Diable Sector (Lac Monroe) - From Montreal take highway 15 to the 117 to St Faustin, then follow the signs north into the park. From Mont Tremblant resort take highway around the mountain to the southside bypassing the split to ski hill. At the T intersection take a right and follow the signs a short distance into the park.
  • Pembina (St. Donat) - From Montreal take the 15 or 13 north to the 640 east. Take highway 125 to the northeast towards St Donat then follow route 3 into the park.

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