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List your Palm Springs vacation rental home for FREE - an introductory promotion for this new destination on! You only pay 4% per credit card reservation payment (includes all credit card and bank fees). Enjoy these all-inclusive benefits:

  • Increase reservations from your existing reservation channels and learn about new ones!
  • Increase your reservations through this Palm Springs lodging directory
  • Reduce your vacation rental management time, booking risks and costly mistakes
  • Learn how to self-manage or improve your rental business
  • Enjoy peace of mind with Owner and Guest assistance

"Within the first two months of launching my site, I have taken in $15,000 in bookings...." Read more from Owners

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How We Help You is an annual subscription-based and search-driven direct rental directory and community.  Our introductory promotion enables you to list your Palm Springs vacation rental for FREE for a limited time.

Since 1997, our all-inclusive services have created staggering commercial success for over 800 independent homeowners and small managers in Whistler, Big White and Sun Peaks ski resorts.

Our tested and successfully proven services help you in two ways:

  1. We create and aggressively market distinct online destination directories and communities. These destination sites attract travelers and help them book your direct rental and organize their vacation.
  2. We develop web-based software, create resources and services, and offer expertise that helps independent accommodation suppliers like you increase reservations through all of your online marketing sources. This service is suitable for the experienced Owner or the novice trying direct rentals for the first time. If you can type, surf the web and read, you can use our tools.

How it Works

Guests search, view and book vacation rentals directly and instantly with homeowners or small independent rental managers on the web.

Guests and Owners avoid the expense and interference of using an intermediary. We make it possible for Owners to self-manage their homes from anywhere in the world, irrespective of their Internet skills.

Owners and small independent rental managers control their business rules, prices, policies and web site content, while retaining all of their rental revenue, minus a 4% credit card processing fee per reservation.

If a guest books your home and clearly does not meet your published eligibility requirements, like an age restriction, you can cancel their booking.

Guest payments are deposited into your Canadian bank account within four days or sooner, depending on the payment time and day.

Why it Works

You will obtain more bookings on AND achieve better results from ALL of your other marketing efforts because we help you offer the services that Guests value, while allowing you to maintain your independence:

  • Extremely accurate, fast, fun and easy search tools and search results via (once the directory includes a sufficient number of Palm Springs listings to warrant the search function).
  • Highly descriptive property page content on your property web site and the private property web site, which is also included with your subscription.
  • Consistent customer service
  • Instantly confirmed, live reservations based on your published policies differs from most other direct rental, flat-fee services because we offer all four benefits.

Unique and composite services make these important reservation-generating benefits possible. They also help Owners create private and independent personal property web sites or improve their existing personal web sites. This increases bookings and ease of reservation-management from all marketing sources with time-proven strategies and tools used on itself.

What's in it for You?

Your composite program benefits mean more reservations from all of your advertising channels, including this one, and the discovery of new reservation channels. Collectively, our services help you achieve your goals with confidence, convenience, freedom, and control.

Costs & Fees

FREE subscription until May 31, 2011.

Try us risk-free and grab guest reservations!

The sooner you list, the more exposure you will receive.

Please note: At this time, we are only able to provide service to vacation rental Owners who can take payments in Canadian dollars and accept deposits to Canadian bank accounts. If you do not have a Canadian account, please contact us to provide your details so we can contact you when service in other currencies becomes available.

List your property on and enjoy the following tested, perfected and proven all-inclusive services to help you achieve your goals:

1-Palm Springs Marketing Directory: Get More Bookings

Secure more bookings with the inclusion of your property on this Palm Springs accommodation directory. Guests can view and book accommodations on You do not have to pay a commission other than a 4% all-inclusive credit card processing fee. You receive your money in four business days or sooner. Search results appear based on matching the property to the guest search preferences and price per night.

Enjoy the following marketing services:

  • Diligent search engine marketing for destination-specific accommodation-related keywords.
  • Newsletter marketing to over 18,000 total newsletter subscribers

2-Expert Independent Marketing Advice: Improve Results from Existing Channels & Discover New Marketing Avenues

We share tried, tested and successful vacation rental marketing strategies, which include:

  • Learn where to advertise on the web and how to find new marketing channels
  • Learn how to effortlessly increase bookings (sales conversion) from your leads
  • Learn how to tweak your web site content and improve the appeal of your ads
  • Learn how to be the early bird, and immediately and automatically capture more business leads from your other online marketing ads. Avoid sitting by your computer day and night, worried that you might miss an opportunity!
  • Learn how to implement strategies for staying competitive in the ever-changing travel industry

New Owners and seasoned pros alike benefit from our full time research, testing and extensive user and Owner feedback insights.

3-Personal, Private & Unbranded Property Web Site-Convert More Lookers to Bookers from All Your Marketing Channels

Once you have discovered where and how to advertise, how are you going to handle all the business leads?'s service includes an extensive, private property web-site creation and reservation management system that easily handles all of your business leads. Our system is successfully used by over 800 Owners and small managers to increase their reservations from all of their marketing sources.

There is no relationship or access from your personal property web site to Consequently, you will not lose business leads to other property owners on the main directory.

If you already have an existing personal web site, learn how our service can also help you improve your existing property web page.

If you can type, read and write, you can produce your own rental web site. It's that easy. We are here to help, should you run into any difficulties.

Features and benefits include:

  • Easily create, manage and edit your personal, content-rich web site from anywhere in the world at any time of the day. You always control your content and edits are uploaded instantly
  • Enjoy extensive, descriptive content that has been tested to inspire confidence and increase reservations
  • Control your rates, policies and reservation rules
  • Post up to 30 images at no extra cost
  • Obtain your own personal and independent web site address under the domain name. Send all of your inquiries from independent marketing efforts to your private web site to quickly capture more reservations with better information and a confidence-inspiring representation of your property
  • Enjoy the most inclusive and easy-to-use, owner-customizable, web-based reservation management software available. Our system has been tested and used by over 800 owner clients!
  • Check out a sample private site:

4-Improve an Existing Private Property Web Site: Get More Bookings

If you already have a pre-existing web site, you can improve it by using our web-based reservation management system to increase your bookings with an easy browsing and booking method. You'll also reduce your administration time drastically and can manage your personal site content from a single central location.

Your calendar, reservation system, photo gallery and many other components can also easily and quickly plug-in to an existing site to give it more content and functionality. This allows you to update multiple sites, including those you already maintain, from a convenient and central location, all at once. Property Web Site: Get More Bookings from & Save Time

Your property page listing appears on the vacation rental directory as an exact duplicate of your private and personal web site.

  • The property page is an exact copy of your private site but includes branding. It handles all of the reservation leads generated by Use the same centralized web site publishing and reservation management software as your personal site, but have it listed on and affiliated with
  • Your private site and your site automatically and instantly update each other without your intervention in order to simplify your reservation management, minimize mistakes (like the dreaded double-booking) and save your time.

6-Easy Reservation Management System: Capture More Bookings from all Marketing Channels, Reduce Risks and Errors, Save Time and Retain Control

It's not enough to just have a great personal web site if it doesn't help Guests book when they want to!

Your site must make it easy and obvious for people to make an instantly confirmed reservation based on your rules, otherwise you risk losing them to someone who is ready to take their money! It should also protect you and renters from liability and human error. Finally, it should automate routine administration, and ensure that critical tasks are completed to assure complete reservation satisfaction.

Increase your reservations and reduce liability, costly mistakes and overall administration time to 5 or 10 minutes per day with a successfully tested and centralized web-based reservation management system. You will increase your reservations from all of your channels by making it easier to book your vacation property. Our web-based system is used by over 800 vacation rental homeowners like you.

Improve your pre-existing web site with the reservation management system. Nearly all components of the system (rates table, calendar, booking process, templates, etc) can be easily and independently plugged in to pre-existing personal web sites that you may already have.

Features and benefits of the web-based reservation system include:

  • Configure your reservation rules based on your preferences. You are always in control. Bookings cannot occur unless they meet your policy requirements and agree to your policies.
  • Accept instantly confirmed reservations with automatic calendar updates and credit card payment from each of your marketing sources, based on your reservation rules.
  • Use and display a central Availability Calendar, which can be applied to other ads and web sites.
  • Create a full reservation email template library and automatically and instantly create customized emails unique to each new reservation, including booking and guest details.
  • Automatically schedule and distribute guest and owner self-reminders and reservation correspondence based on your preferences. Don't drop details and make costly mistakes!
  • Automatically track reservation and payment status. Receive late payment alerts.
  • Create reservation and revenue reports within seconds in order to track your progress and ease the yearly book-keeping process.
  • Save time and easily manage your private web site and all of your reservation leads from a single centralized location.
  • Automatically generate vacation receipts
  • Attain peace of mind with built-in check-points, reminders and risk-reducing elements to protect you and your guests.
  • Use your web-based reservation management, communication and payment processing software to instantly capture confirmed bookings with online credit card payments from any other marketing channel.
  • Manage your reservations from anywhere in the world.
  • Easily transfer your entire web-based rental business equity, web site, operations and rental records to a new owner, all within 15 minutes.

7-Credit Card Processing Services: Get More Bookings

Wouldn't you prefer to pay by credit card when making a reservation? How comfortable would you be sending a complete stranger a personal cheque or money order?

Your biggest business barrier is customer confidence.

Accepting credit card payments increases your reservation frequency by making it easy to book your home, and making you look more legitimate. From the guest's perspective, paying by credit card also acts as an insurance policy in case you're fraudulent and the property does not really exist. Many guests need to pay via credit, or simply want to capture more loyalty points--like Airmiles.

Credit card processing fees are a cost of doing business that you should factor into your rates.

In our experience, trying to avoid credit card fees by badgering or pressuring guests to pay by cheque will cost you more money than you stand to save in the long run.

  • Don't block off your calendar and lose sales while waiting and worrying for a cheque in the mail. It might never come, or might bounce. In the meantime, you will have lost business opportunities. Receive instant notification of a successful payment and your money directly into your bank account in four days or sooner depending on the payment date and time.
  • Credit card fees amount to only 4%, including direct deposit and processing fees. All fees are used to cover the costs and risks of the credit card processing program.

8-Expert Vacation Rental Business Advice from Experienced Owners: Learn How to Rent Direct, Increase Guest Satisfaction, Reduce Errors and Risks, and Increase Your Personal Enjoyment

  • Learn how to quickly configure your business and property logistical operations from scratch
  • Learn about the tested policies that protect you and your renters
  • Learn how to build a long-term customer base that increases the value of your real estate investment
  • Learn how to achieve a rates and occupancy equilibrium
  • Learn how to manage cleaning and maintenance
  • Learn a consistent and fool-proof method for running your business in less time, with fewer problems, risks and human errors

9-Property Services Supplier Network

  • We supply a directory of destination-specific suppliers such as cleaners who can help you run your small business


Program Benefits

Subscribe to and enjoy the following net benefits:

1-Learn How to Take Control of Your Real Estate Investment

If you are new to vacation rental management, we will show you how to start your business from scratch and reap financial rewards in its first year.

2-Get More Bookings From All of Your Independent Marketing Efforts

Potent marketing advice, combined with a private web site or the ability to improve your existing personal site, an easy reservation system, online credit card payments and extensive guest and owner support act to boost your bookings and your return on investment.

3-Increase Your Personal Enjoyment by Reducing Your Rental Administration Time, Risks and Costly Errors

Many owners keep their properties for five years or less before selling them. Selling early was never in their plan so, why did they sell?

Self-managing their rental business was eating up their time and money due to ineffective small business practices.

Our program will significantly increase your personal enjoyment and significantly reduce human error when used properly.

4-Control Your Cherished Real Estate Investment

Seize control of your home and manage rentals based on your personal preferences.

Our program allows you to set the rules, rates, policies and content.

You can manage your home easily and affordably with our flat-fee program.

5-Stay Ahead in the Competitive Travel Industry

The travel industry is competitive and fast-paced.

Our company is the only company in the world offering detailed accommodation searches and live reservations on a direct rental directory. Many companies list properties, but their searches are slow and inaccurate. Stay ahead of the competition with our many important innovations by listing with

Check out our services to learn specifically how we deliver these benefits.

6-Increase Your Real Estate Investment Value

Our services help you develop a viable, easy-to-run, turn-key and easy to sell business with an established customer base.

This increases the value of your property by lowering purchaser risk and assuring ease in the process of transferring your rental property operations to a new owner. In a hot market, you will increase your sale price. In a slow market, your property will be sold before your neighbour's.

How do we know?'s owner and CEO, Sue Chappel, bought and sold two properties with the system. Both properties captured top price/square footage in both resorts at the time of sale. One of the properties captured its buyer through its listing.

It takes about 15 minutes to transfer your business operations to a new Owner!


Contact Us

Still deciding? Have questions about what can offer? Contact us if you have any further inquiries.

List Your Property On

To list your Palm Springs property you will need the following:

  • Proof of Ownership (e.g. utility or cable bill, tax notice or any other formal documentation with the owner name and address, and the vacation property address). To increase reservations, listed properties are first authenticated to generate guest confidence and to the reduce risk of fraud, which hurts every rental business.
  • Banking Information (where should we deposit money?)
  • Property Address Information
  • Property Title Information
  • An Internet Connection
  • Agreement with our Subscription Agreement
  • Approximately ten minutes to complete online joining.
  • Approximately three to four hours to completely build your personal web site and email templates. Once your site is built, it will require very little annual maintenance and deliver results year after year.

Privacy Guarantee: We will not rent, sell or make known to any third parties your personal information except under order of law. Your personal information is kept on a secure and protected network. All sensitive information supplied to us by paper or by fax is promptly destroyed.


We have been serving independent owners and small rental managers since 1997. Our company is founded and owned by property Owners and small managers like you. Many of our senior staff are also property Owners who are also clients! We walk in your shoes and are trying to break trail to make your journey easy and safe.

Our unique services, software and resources have made over 800 owners and small independents like you commercially successful in Whistler, Big White and Sun Peaks ski resorts.

It is your first step towards enhancing your business and building a high profile directory for like-minded and independent accommodation, guest services and owner services businesses that will be cherished by thousands of destination visitors.

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