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Looking for cheap Mont Tremblant accommodation? Knock off commissions and agent fees when you book direct with Owners. You're left with condo rentals starting at only $99/nt!

No per person surcharges. Split the cost amongst your group and you can do Mont Tremblant for less than you think!

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Why Use this Mont Tremblant Accommodation Site?

Accurate Search Results - Get a Personalized List in Seconds

Simply plug your dates and other search criteria into the search bar above and get a list of matching results - cheapest at the top. Availability is accurate and what you see is what you get!

Big Savings - Cut out the Middle Man

Book online and 96% of your payment goes directly to the accommodation Owner (the other 4% covers credit card processing fees). Rates are free from commissions or Agent fees, keeping them low for Guests.

More Space for Less - No Tiny Hotel Rooms Here!

Vacation rentals come with kitchen facilities and generous common area space. Depending on the type of unit you choose (anywhere from studios to 6 bedrooms homes) you may even get perks like private hot tubs and in-suite laundry facilities!

Secure Bookings - No Risk, Fraud-Free Rentals

All listings are ownership-verified, so you won't fall victim to fraud. Pay by credit card for extra consumer protection.

Instant Confirmation - Book & Relax

Get instant email confirmation when you book online. No other Owner-Direct booking site offers this convenience! Receive check-in instructions immediately after submitting full payment.