Mont Tremblant Chalet Rentals 
Your Vacation Home Away from Home

Enjoy lasting vacation memories when you stay at a Mont Tremblant chalet. More than just a place to stay; a chalet is a large and inviting space to explore and enjoy with your friends and family.

All Mont Tremblant chalet accommodations on this site are provided directly by the Owner - to you - without those pesky agents and their expensive commission fees. Get the best rental rate when you book direct and save your money!

Sample Mont Tremblant Chalet & Large Vacation Rental Listings

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Why Use this Mont Tremblant Accommodation Website?

Mont Tremblant Accommodation

Accurate Search Results - Get a Personalized List Quickly

Quickly specify your dates and relevant search criteria in the search tool above and get a list of specific results. Availability is up-to-the-minute and bookings are instant!

Big Savings - Cut out the Middle Man

Reserve now and 96% of the cost goes directly to the Mont Tremblant chalet Owner (the other 4% covers credit card processing). Advertised nightly rates are free of commissions and Agent fees, keeping the cost lower for you.

More Space for Less - No Tiny Hotel Rooms Here!

Mont Tremblant chalets come with full kitchens and comfortable living areas. Depending on the unit you pick you can even get bonuses like private hot tubs and in-suite laundry facilities!

Secure Bookings - No Risk, Fraud-Free Rentals

All property listings are owner-verified, so you don't have to worry about fraudulent listings. Pay by credit card and get extra consumer protection.

Instant Confirmation - Book & Relax

Get instant email confirmation when you book online. No other Owner-Direct listing website on the Internet offers this feature! Get detailed check-in instructions in your email inbox before arrival.


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