Fernie Alpine Ski Resort - A Brief Overview.

The majesty of Fernie Alpine Resort in BC, Canada - Read on about the fastest growing resort in North AmericaFernie Alpine Ski Resort is located in the south-east corner of British Columbia, Canada, approximately 60 km (40 miles) from the Alberta and U.S. borders, and 5 km (3 miles) from the City of Fernie itself.

Read on to discover more about this interesting city, the Fernie curse, and find the Fernie Alpine Ski Resort accommodation perfect for your visit.

The resort boasts the highest annual snowfall (29ft) of any resort in the Canadian Rockies, as well as 10 ski lifts servicing 107 different trails with a vertical drop of 857m (2811 ft), and a total of 2504 skiable acres.

Fernie Alpine Ski Resort is easily accessible by car, as the roads are safe and well-maintained. Keep in mind, with some of the most spectacular mountain scenery in the world, you may want to enjoy the view from the seat of a bus. From there you can also spot various wildlife darting among the alpine wilderness of the Canadian Rockies, such as big horn sheep, elk, moose and deer.

The History Of Fernie.

The Fernie community has a colourful history, ever since it sprung to life on the heels of the railroad in 1898. As legend has it, William Fernie, founder of the city, met with a tribe of First Nations during one of his coal prospecting trips, when he noticed one of the chieftain's daughters wearing a necklace of shining black stones.

The fire near Fernie Alpine Ski Resort that reduced Fernie to ashes. It's a testament to their perseverance that they rebuilt...twice.

He quickly realized the stones were coal, and inquired about their source.

The First Nations' Chief said he would reveal the location upon the condition that Fernie marry his daughter. Fernie, not one to pass up an opportunity, agreed. After learning the location of the coal deposits, William Fernie refused to keep up his end of the bargain and marry the daughter, invoking the wrath of the Chief.

He laid a curse upon the valley, prophesizing the region would experience fire, famine and flood.

The Curse and The Prophecy Fulfilled.

In 1904, the first fire swept through the town, destroying much of the wooden business section of Fernie. But the worst was yet to come. On August 1, 1908, a forest fire reduced most of the city to charred ash.

Fernie was quickly rebuilt, and out of the ashes rose new buildings of brick and stone. Many of these buildings still stand in Fernie’s downtown core, offering residents and visitors remnants of a heritage over 100 years old.

Fernie Alpine Ski Resort Today.

Fernie Alpine Ski Resort is the fastest growing resort in Canada, having garnered such awards as “Top Ten in North America,’ ‘Most Improved’ and ‘Best New Lifts.’ Fernie Alpine Ski Resort’s multiple varieties of terrain means you can choose your own adventure – ripping down the slopes or gently admiring the scenery and silence.

The stunning topography of the mountain range also protects Fernie Alpine Ski Resort extreme temperature variations. Temperatures during winter average around –11 C. Summer days find daytime averages of about +25 C – perfect for relaxing outdoors long into the sunsets.

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