Cincinnati Ski Club

Become a part of the adventure with the Cincinnati Ski Club. No matter how skilled or experienced you are, you'll improve your skiing abilities and have a blast doing it with the Cincinnati Ski Club. Group trips with the Cincinnati Ski Club

You don't have to be a snow bunny to be part of the club. With more than 500 singles and couples, The Cincinnati Ski Club is as social as it is adventurous.

Join the Cincinnati Ski Club for year-round activities and gain more than just seasonal friends.

Get Off Your Computer and Ski!

Remove the stress from planning your ski vacation by joining the Cincinnati Ski Club on a ski trip.

Joining the Cincinnati Ski Club on a ski trip is as simple as signing up, contacting a trip leader directly, or attending a Cincinnati Ski Club meeting. Ski trip sign-ups begin in August, and you must be a member of the Cincinnati Ski Club to go on ski trips.

The Cincinnati Ski Club offers a number of ski trip choices. Types of ski trips include:

  • Short Western Ski Resort trips
  • Midwest weekend trips
  • Longer international or Western trips longer than a week

While some prefer to stay close to home, the Cincinnati Ski Club has traveled across the border to Ski Resorts like Whistler Blackcomb.Cincinnati Ski Club in Whistler

Leading Cincinnati Ski Club trips are experienced organizers and skiers. Like you, the Cincinnati Ski Club wants to get the most from their ski vacation. Explore the mountain and local hot spots with experienced skiers as your guides to make your ski vacation unforgettable!

Want to travel to the spectacular Whistler Ski Resort but missed the Cincinnati Ski Club trip? Book your Whistler Accommodation and discover why some international ski resorts are worth the trip.


No Snow? No Problem!

Craving year-round action and adventure? The Cincinnati Ski Club offers plenty of non-skiing activities to keep your social calendar full from January to December! Discover and enjoy the following activities with the Cincinnati Ski Club:Cincinnati Ski Club Climbing Trip

  • Water Skiing
  • Wine Tasting
  • Dancing
  • Boating
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Volleyball
  • Racing
  • Hiking
  • Non-Ski Travel
  • Canoeing
  • Whitewater Rafting
  • Reds and Beagles Games
  • Social Events
  • Much, much more!

Get more information on Cincinnati Ski Club year round activities and uncover the social benefits of the Cincinnati Ski Club.

Cincinnati Ski Club Gives Back - Special Olympics

Volunteer.... on skis! Share your passion for the slopes with fellow Ski Club members and touch the lives of over 300 Special Olympics athletes each year.

Cincinnati Ski Club volunteers get the rewarding opportunity of teaching athletes to navigate through a slalom course to win a medal. Many Special Olympics athletes are trying out their ski legs for the first time. Seeing athletes cross the finish line and knowing they have learned the joy of skiing is the ultimate prize for any volunteer.

For more Special Olympics information or to sign up as a Ski Partner, visit the Cincinnati Ski Club Special Olympics page.

Check Out the Cincinnati Ski Club!

The Cincinnati Ski Club meets every other Wednesday at the Hartwell Recreation Center. Attend a meeting to sign up for trips and activities, learn about the club, and meet new friends. New members and curious visitors are always welcome.

Visit the Cincinnati Ski Club homepage for an updated calendar of events.

Contact the Cincinnati Ski Club

General Inquiries

Cincinnati Ski Club
PO Box 1276
Cincinnati, OH 45201

Phone: 513-768-3245

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