Whistler Ski & Snowboard Rental

Thinking about buying your own skis or snowboard? Wonder if it's worth packing up the gear you've already got for your next ski trip? Learn the facts and make an informed decision.

Learn more about Whistler ski and snowboard rentals - rates, brands and more.


Whistler Snowboard & Ski Rental Benefits

Travel Light - Don't lug your OLD gear around the airports of the world. In fact, when you book online, you don't even have to lug your rented stuff around the resort. Book online and get free overnight storage at your pick-up location, not to mention less luggage to carry around the world!

Improve Quicker with New Rental Models - Every year, equipment design breakthroughs make skiing/riding more fun. Instantly change your ability and even accelerate your ability to improve with top of the line, brand new gear. All Whistler ski and snowboard rental equipment will be 2010/11 models.

Gain Confidence with Premium Rental Equipment - Confidently conquer more terrain and see parts of Whistler Blackcomb that were previously unaccessible to you - simply because of your ability restrictions.

Save Money by Planning Ahead - Save big by booking your Whistler ski rental and discount Whistler lift tickets at least 4 days in advance. Early birds get the best rates!

Avoid Extra Baggage Fees - Compare ski rental costs to the extra baggage fee your airline will charge for bringing your skis/snowboard. If you're unclear about these extra fees, call the airline company. Protect yourself from new, exhorbitant fees that compensate for rising fuel costs.

Save Time - Order from the comfort of your home and get express service at your pick-up location as a pre-confirmed customer.

Test out a New Brand/Model - Try different skis or a snowboard you hadn't considered purchasing. You may discover a new favourite.

Solve your Sore Feet Problem Fast! - Feet or ankles aching mid-day? No worries. Simply return to the rental shop and exchange the naughty boots for a new, pain-free pair. There is no extra charge for equipment changes within the same ability category. Ski and snowboard rental gear can also be upgraded for a fee.


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