Red Mountain Ski Area - Money Saving Tips.

Little girl enjoying the Red Mountain Ski AreaSo you've decided to ski Red Mountain Ski Area, located in the West Kootenays region of southeastern British Columbia. A fine decision.

Visitors to the Red Mountain ski area are treated to bountiful powder, wide terrain and supple slopes, spread over 83 runs across two stellar mountains that feature everything from wide-open groomers to steep, powder-filled bowls.

Red Mountain ski area also features more than 1,585 skiable acres and 800 meters (2,900 feet) of vertical terrain serviced by 6 total lifts, meaning you'll have plenty to explore.

But what about cost? Good question.

If you're dying to ski Red Mountain ski area, but have your mind on your budget, here are 8 great tips for avoiding unnecessary expenses and stretching your dollar.

Tip #1 - Book Your Flight Early

Start scouring the web for the best deal on your flight the minute you’ve picked your dates. The sooner you book your flight the better, contrary to the myth that last minute scoops are the way to go.

The reality is that’s always better to book as early as possible. Also be sure to keep an eye out for mid-week flights, as they can further reduce your cost.

Tip #2 – Book Your Red Mountain Ski Accommodation Directly with Homeowners

Make sure you browse our Red Mountain Ski property listings. It’s here you’ll find the best accommodation deals, since you’re booking direct with the owner.

Layers of middle-agent fees and service charges are avoided, while you can stay in a fully furnished, beautiful home, with all the amenities included. And as an added perk, most owners have free parking, whereas rental managers and hotels can charge additional nightly parking fees.

Tip #3 – Invite More Friends And Share The Cost of a Red Mountain Ski Area Vacation

Wonder why that advertised hotel rate seems a little too good to be true? That’s because many hotels promote a per-person rate, rather than the amount you’ll pay for an entire room.

In contrast, booking your Red Mountain ski property owner-direct means you pay a single rate for the whole thing. The more friends you invite (up to the properties maximum capacity) the lower you each have to pay!

Tip #4 - Bring along the Scrabble Board

Whether shopping, skiing, or a night on the town, most activities in Red Mountain Ski area will eat into your budget. Obviously, you want to treat yourself and your family part of the time (after all, you’re on vacation). But for those quiet nights when the urge to splurge creeps into your mind, you’ll be glad you packed a variety of board games, movies, crayons, and all the rest to keep your kids busy.

Tip #5 - Prepare Your Own Meals for Your Red Mountain Ski Vacation

Let’s face it, unless you’re planning on the Super Value menu at the local fast food outlet, eating out is expensive. Factor in a few drinks, a dessert for the kids, and the tip, that can add up over a multi-day vacation.

Consider buying groceries and preparing at least some of your meals ensuite. Some ski lodges include at least basic kitchen facilities. Better yet, book your accommodation directly with an owner and have all the culinary tools at your disposable (Note: actual cooking ability not included).

Tip #6 – Kids Under 6 and Seniors Over 75 Ski Red Mountain Free

Who says youth and wisdom isn’t worth anything? The resort offers kids under 6 and seniors over 75 a free season’s pass to ski Red Mountain for as much skiing and snowboarding they can handle.

If you’re lucky enough to fall under one of these categories, make sure to claim your discount when ordering lift tickets. (Kids, maybe it’s best to ask your parents before using their credit card to make the booking). The only catch: Red Mountain Ski Area charges a $16 admin fee for printing the ticket.

Tip #7 - Take Lessons

Signup for Red Mountain ski or snowboard lessons will often get you a price break on lift tickets and equipment rentals. You’ll get to brush up on your skills and save a little money than if you purchased the lift ticket and equipment rental separately.

Tip #8 - Look for Discounts in Tourist Brochures & Flyers

While strolling the streets and browsing the shops in Red Mountain ski area, keep an eye out for tourist guides and helpful maps that often include discount coupons for various activities and restaurants. By the end of your trip, you could end up saving a significant amount.

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