Panorama Mountain Village - 7 Essential Money Saving Tips

Panorama Mountain Village SunsetAsk yourself, "Am I looking for a smaller, cozy resort that offers excellent ski-in ski-out accommodation, swift lift lineups, and great value for my money?"

For the answer, look no further than Panorama Mountain Village, nestled just two hours drive south west of Banff in the Canadian Rockies.

Panorama Mountain Village is renowned for its friendly locals, one of the highest verticals in the region, and a favourite resort for families.

But like all ski vacations, money must be spent. (Heck, it’s your vacation, that’s what you’re supposed to do). All the better if you can experience more adventure for the same or less amount of dollars.

So here’s 7 Essential money-saving tips to help you maximize your Panorama Mountain Village vacation.

Tip #1 - Book Your Panorama Mountain Village Trip Off Season

Know exactly when you’re like to have your vacation? Booking your Panorama Mountain Village accommodation far in advance can allow for discovering cheaper nightly rates, especially if you’re flexible by even a few days. Prices usually skyrocket around big holidays, and drop right back down immediately after.

Tip #2 - Book Your Accommodation Directly with Homeowners

Sure, you could stay in a hotel. But consider booking your Panorama condo directly with homeowners instead. You’ll save layers of middle-agent fees and taxes, while often paying a cheaper nightly rate.

Plus you get to experience Panorama from the comfort of a fully furnished condo, with all the amenities included. And don’t forget, most owners have free parking, whereas most rental managers and hotels have additional nightly parking fees.

Tip #3 - Invite More Friends to Panorama Mountain Village And Share The Cost

I’m sure you’ve heard that two is company, and three’s a crowd. But your total booking price drops dramatically if you decide to share the cost of your Panorama Mountain Village condo with a few other friends. Getting a bigger property and adding an extra two people could save you a few hundred dollars by spreading the cost out. Plus, what’s a ski resort vacation without a few friends to experience it with?

Tip #4 - Pack the Entertainment

Keeping kids entertained in between hitting the ski slopes can be a pricey affair. Television and movie rentals are generally a fail-safe alternative to going out. Consider packing a number of fun alternatives to help in the slow periods, such as a few classic board games, a pack of crayons, or absolutely a pack or two of cards. After all, there’s nothing quite like an evening of Scrabble or Trivial Pursuit after a day of hard skiing on the slopes of Panorama Mountain Village.

Tip #5 - Skip the Meals Out in Panorama Mountain Village

Eating out is easily one of the fastest ways to burn a hole in your finances, especially if you’re vacation lasts more than a few days. The easiest alternative is to book your Panorama Mountain Village accommodation with a kitchen and prepare at least some of your meals ensuite. Not much of a chef? Not to worry, try searching a few simple recipes online before you go and surprise yourself. Your wallet will thank you.

Tip #6 - Look for Promotions in Tourist Brochures & Flyers

While strolling the streets and browsing the shops in Panorama Mountain Village, keep an eye out for tourist guides and helpful maps that often include discount coupons for various activities and restaurants. By the end of your trip, you could end up saving a worthwhile amount.

Tip #7- Buy A Snowmax Card

If you’re a resident of BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, or Manitoba, you can pick up a Snowmax card for some worthwhile savings. In the past, the card came loaded with 4 free days at Panorama Mountain Village or Kicking Horse Resort (you can split the days as you please). Then for the rest of the season you could continue to score a $15 discount on future lift tickets. Search for the Snowmax card and learn about the discounts this season!

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