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Still searching for Bonaire vacation homes or wondering where exactly you should stay? We've collected some important maps to help you in your Bonaire vacation research.

Caribbean Map

Curious of where exactly Bonaire is located in the Caribbean?

Bonaire is part of the Netherland Antilles, which are also a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands.  The islands of the Netherland Antilles include Bonaire and Curacao, (just off the coast of South America), as well as Saba, St. Eustatius and Sint Maarten in the northeastern Caribbean.

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Bonaire Island Map

Choose from many different towns of Bonaire. Select from staying at the numerous seaside towns.

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Bonaire City Maps

Staying where all the action is? Check out the Kralendijk map to help you find a vacation rental that is close and convenient to all the hotspots.

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map copyright Bonaire Island Info


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Sand Dollar Resort - Kralendijk
1 Bedroom
1 bath
Sleeps 4
950 sq.ft.