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Vacation Rentals Made Fun, Fast, Friendly & Safe!

Vacation rentals come in all shapes and sizes, as do vacation rental directories. Learn what a vacation rental is, what separates this vacation rental site from the rest and vacation rental direct booking benefits.

What is a Vacation Rental ?

Vacation Rental: is any rental lodging where you can make your own meals in the suite.

Vacation rentals are as small as a studio with a microwave and/or small stove, with a bathroom and a bed.

They can also be as large as a palatial villa!

What is this Vacation Rentals Web Site?

This site profiles vacation rentals for rent directly by owners & small locally lodging companies.

That means that you'll either be dealing directly with a friendly, locally knowledgeable and attentive property owner, or a small, locally based lodging company that is too personal (we call it attentive), unique or specialized to list on big huge travel portals like Expedia or Travelocity.

Despite their wonderful uniqueness, every listing owner or manager on this site shares these important characteristics:

  • They're locally knowledgeable and passionate about their destination.
  • They can't wait to share their local zeal and secrets with you.
  • You'll get personal attention, because each property has it's own dedicated customer service representative...or close to it.
  • They've promised to abide by world-class standards and guarantees that make you smile.  

The Trusted Vacation Rentals Difference

Bluntly, there's a ton of vacation rental directories out there.

So why use

Because it's safer.

We're smaller, more secure and specialized, so you get the insider secrets & personal attention instead of a faceless form.

We're also completely independent and privately owned - so you're a real person to us, not part of an IPO or acquisition plan.

We're founded, owned and run by people who actually own and rent their personal vacation homes themselves, not by software venture capitalists seeking another IPO or financial windfall. Your vacation joys are our founding roots, inspiration and daily motivation - not an IPO or acquisition.

Our big business differences from every single vacation rental directory worldwide reflect our concern and commitment for you:

  • No Scams: Verified Vacation Rentals Ownership - Ownership of every listing is verified and authenticated, so you won't show up to a property that doesn't exist or wasn't authorized to be rented to you by the advertiser. Although some sites will give you some money back providing that you meet the long list of fine print eligibility requirements and sign up to their marketing mailing list, it doesn't fix the fact that your vacation time was destroyed or erase the horrific experience of arriving to a destination and discovering that you are homeless.  We won't list risky properties, no matter how much money it costs us.
  • 100% Lodging Protection if Something Goes Wrong: Payment by Credit Card on Means You're Always Covered - You can and should ALWAYS pay by credit card, irrespective of what site you use. is the first and only vacation rentals directory in the world the requires payment by credit card. First, it ensures that each listing Owner passed additional verification steps to get a merchant account. That gives you and us more peace of mind. Second, any Owner who is too cheap to pay the 2-4%  processing fee to offer you, their customer a basic service that gives you more convenience and security is likely also scrimping on their property and rental business too. Your rest, fun and family time deserves better, so we won't take the risk on a listing that won't process credit cards. Finally, if something does fall through the cracks, you can reverse your credit card charges and get a 100% refund in the event of fraud.
  • Be Treated with Respect: Enforced Vacation Rental Standards & Guarantees - All listing Owners agree to vacation rental standards and guarantees that ensure a great guest experience. If they don't, we'll kick them off and make it tougher for them to do business elsewhere in the future.
  • Enjoy Accountability: Open Vacation Rentals Complaints Process with Consequences - We don't just dream up the standards - we actually follow-through with a public and open complaints process. If listing Owners don't make you happy after a legitimate problem, they'll risk getting kicked off the site and reported to appropriate legal, licensing and toursim authorities. It will be harder for them to do future business.
  • Save Time: Fast, Fun Easy & Accurate Search & Information - Your time is precious, so unlike other services, all calendars are up to date and property listing descriptions are detailed and accurate. That makes searching, comparing and viewing fun and fast. 
  • Get it Done: Instantly Confirmed, Guaranteed Online Vacation Rentals Bookings - For your security and convenience, every listing must accept credit card payments. Property listing details are so complete that you can book it instantly online with your credit card for a guaranteed reservation. Stop sending cash and cheques to strangers. Those other directories aren't verifying ownership for each listing and their reviews aren't guaranteed to be posted by guests who actually stayed in the property.
  • Easy & Safe Payments: Vacation Rentals Payment by Credit Card - Every listing accepts credit cards for your convenience and security. If property listings can't get a merchant account to process credit cards, or are too cheap to pay for an important service that makes things easier or more secure for you, then you should be worried about the listing Owner. If something goes wrong, you have more consumer rights.
  • No Mistakes: Tracked Vacation Rental Reservations - All reservations are tracked online so there won't be any mistakes. You can retrieve and access reservation information at any time.
  • Get Help: If you can't get a hold of the listing Owner or Manager, we're here to help you. 

Why Book Vacation Rentals Directly with Homeowners or Small, Locally Based Managers?

  • Vacation Rental Savings-Middle agent fees by booking your vacation rentals direct with owners.
  • Incredible Value-Get all the convenience extras typically found in personal home rather than standard vacation rentals accommodations!
  • More Vacation Rental Space-Get more vacation rental space for your money & enjoy more comfort for you & your family.
  • Personal Homes & Personalized Amenities - You get the perks, personal touches and big conveniences of a personal home, rather than a processed cheese rental machine run by a rental management or hotel factory.
  • See the Exact Vacation Rental You will Stay In!-What you see online is exactly where you will stay. See it before you book it!
  • Big Vacation Rentals by Owner Selection-Choose from economy to luxury homes to suit your personal preferences or budget.
  • Personal Service, Hospitality & Local Knowledge-You will be dealing with a single vacation rental homeowner with local knowledge, and whose sole customer is YOU, rather than a multi-property reservations agent.
  • Fast, Easy Search & Instant Online Bookings-Our vacation rentals search tools & easy vacation rentals booking process will save you hours & allow you to pay securely by credit card for your vacation rental.
  • Book Your Vacation Rental with Confidence-Owners are bound by terms of service standards, our site is secure & your bookings are tracked when you pay online with your credit card. Join Frommer's Travel and the tens of thousands of confident, satisfied and loyal guests who have discovered the benefits of our friendly & safe vacation rentals by owner directory!
  • Reservations Flexibility-Vacation rentals home owners are more flexible regarding arrival and departure days and times.
  • Local Travel, Rental, Activities, Tips & Discounts- Get local ski resort tips & direct to consumer discounts on tickets, activities, transportation and more to help you get the most out of your BC alpine adventure!
  • Vacation Rentals by Owner Customer Support-Use our toll-free number for live customer support if you require assistance while on the web site or during the course of your reservation.


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