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Still searching for Squamish homes to rent or wondering where exactly you're staying? We've collected some important maps to help you in your Squamish research. And if you haven't reserved quite yet, view our complete Squamish accommodation listings and find your ideal property.

Squamish homes - map location of Squamish

Squamish Area Map

Squamish is located approximately 52 kilometres north-west of Vancouver. 

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Squamish homes and location map

Squamish Map

Squamish is a nature lover's paradise! Take in the spectacle of wintering bald eagles feeding on salmon spawning in the three local rivers. Eagle-viewing float plane or horseback trips offer the best vantage point.

Squamish has an extensive trail network making horseback riding a popular winter pursuit. Other outdoor activities include fantastic backcountry and cross country skiing and snowshoeing. Tours of the snowmobiling areas are available and offer a safe environment for novices.

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Squamish homes - city map

Squamish City Map

The main neighbourhoods of Squamish include:

  • Valleycliffe
  • Downtown
  • Dentville
  • Garibaldi Highlands
  • Brackendale

Explore the a vastly different areas of Squamish.  From Downtown Squamish nestled between the mountains on the east and Howe Sound in the south.  To the quieter neighbourhood of Brackendale known for eagle watching, with an endless list of activities to do, such as: hiking, biking, rock climbing, kite-surfing and swimming. 

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