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alluraDirect.com makes it easy, fun, safe, and convenient for mountain adventurers to find and book their ideal vacation rental directly from owners and small accommodation businesses. We connect guests directly to accommodation suppliers while reducing middle agent costs and increasing value for everyone.

alluraDirect.com provides the technology, standards, guidelines, customer support and online framework to help resort travellers, homeowners and small lodging businesses and local residents achieve their goals online with confidence, convenience, control and enjoyment.

A Brief Company History

We have been working on our unique product since 1997. It all started with Sue Chappel's dream of owning a mountain home. Sadly, she could not afford it. Being a solution-driven Ph.D scientist, she spawned alluraDirect.com and made her dreams come true.It's possible we posted on message boards like this one...

Lots of things didn't work out. Some initiatives were wildly successful while many good ideas still needed some work in the lab. The site started as a few static pages with no search features and no online bookings. Our idea of marketing was pasting our information on the grocery store bulletin board. Our concept of sharing property photos was to send photo copies by snail mail!

We are here today thanks to fantastic owner-clients and fanatically loyal site users. Our entire business is driven by helping individual site users, owners and local businesses succeed online. It is the biggest joy we get from our jobs and this company.

The Present, And Beyond

Today, alluraDirect.com enables guests to search and find what they want within one minute, and is the only owner-direct lodging site in the world with instantly confirmed online bookings, world-class standards and accountability to protect site users and owners. Plus, we offer customer support for site users and property subscribers.

In the ongoing tradition of solving unique problems, creating a fair and fun online environment and making vacation and home ownership dreams come true, alluraDirect.com is staffed by creative and committed individuals who can quickly adapt to change and adjust with today's ever changing online playing field.

We are committed to helping others have a great experience and bypass unnecessary expenses so that your dreams can come true, whether you're an owner or a guest.

We aren't perfect and we know it. We live with the gap of where we are now and where we want to be on a daily basis. Hence, we are always moving forward! Send us your feedback and suggestions about how we can increase your site enjoyment, and have a great vacation!

alluraDirect.com Business Development Team


Sue Chappel

CEO & Founder of alluraDirect.com

Sue loves to ski, and dreamt about owning a property in Whistler so that she could put an end to the early morning wake-ups that are required for skiing day trips from Vancouver. As all great scientists do, she put her brain to work and came up with the mastermind idea for AlluraDirect.com. Soon after, Sue and her husband Wayne purchased their Whistler condo, turning their Whistler dream into reality -- and Sue became the proficient and successful owner-manager for alluraDirect.com.

Mike H


Mike is the resident human-calculator behind alluraDirect.com’s transaction processing and payment issues related to property rentals. Tech-savvy, reliable, and efficient, Mike makes sure that alluraDirect.com’s operations run flawlessly. If only the rest of the team could keep up!

Besides his financial acumen, Mike is also a formidable fisher. Many fish have met their demise during his BC interior camping trips. Mike’s less rugged interests include golfing, yoga, and foreign cinema.


alluraDirect.com Software Development Team

Chief Technology Officer

Our web site is only as good as our Web Developers and Programmers, and thankfully, we have Mike to lead the team. Mike is the mastermind who has programmed alluraDirect.com’s online engines that handle reservations, lift tickets, and more. He is responsible for the technical foundation on which alluraDirect.com rests.

Mike is also an avid skier - bring on the pow!

Mike F

Web Developer

Taivo was lured to alluraDirect.com because of our emphasis on local business. An avid snowboarder himself, he appreciates how our website helps people achieve the dream of ski vacation home ownership or just enjoy an affordable holiday to the mountains.

Taivo loves to travel, noting a whitewater kayaking trip in New Zealand at the top of his list. In his spare time, he enjoys literature, playing chess, watching the Canucks or volunteering for the Vancouver Film Festival. Taivo's claims to fame include his appearances in the backgrounds of Hollywood B-movies such as Best in Show, Duets and The Sixth Day.

Think of Taivo on New Years Day when he plunges into the chilly waters of the Pacific for the Polar Bear swim!

 Taivo E

Office Morale Boosters

Cassie and Piper

Canine Companions


Piper and Cassie are regular fixtures in the office. They can usually be found in the developer office, huddled closely at the feet of Taivo. They both enjoy napping, eating, chasing each other in circles and eating sushi. Piper's toy of choice is the ping-pong ball. Like many of us here at alluraDirect.com, Cassie loves playing in the snow!