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Rockridge Estates, White Forest Estates, Big White, British Columbia, Canada
Size: 4 Bedroom , 3 Baths, 0 sq. ft.
Beds: Sleeps 10,
Phone: 6047076714

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caption this! BAM!

This is Ming's 1-bed room property in Whistler

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CA$99.00 to CA$199.00 per night

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test Sep 1, 2017 Sep 7, 2017
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Payment Info

Policy Amount Required Due Date Payment Accepted
Reservation Deposit 25.00% of total 2 days after reservation acceptance Online CreditCard via this website
Balance of Payment Full remainder 45 days prior to arrival
Damage Deposit $200.00 Charged up to this maximum after departure if property is damaged, requires excessive cleaning, or if items are missing.
Less than 45 days prior to arrival Full payment At time of booking

Property Description


Bathroom 2

Is Ensuite Bathroom Yes
Includes Bath, Hairdryer, Jetted Tub/Jacuzzi, Shampoo, Soap, Vanity

Bathroom 3

Third floor

Is Ensuite Bathroom No
Includes Bath, Hairdryer, Hand-held Shower, Shampoo, Soap



Living Area


Dining Area




Location & Map


Map <<a href=";hl=en&amp;geocode=&amp;q=whistler&amp;sll=49.891235,-97.15369&amp;sspn=29.481488,71.71875&amp;ie=UTF8&amp;ll=50.112653,-122.934608&amp;spn=0.057133,0.140076&amp;z=13">,-97.15369&sspn=29.481488,71.71875&ie=UTF8&ll=50.112653,-122.934608&spn=0.057133,0.140076&z=13</a>>

Access Time to Lifts

Greater than 10 minutes drive

Access Time to Shops & Restaurants

Greater than 10 minutes drive

Access Time to Grocery Stores

Greater than 10 minutes drive


All property title and ownership are verified independently by at the time that the property is listed.
AlluraDirect takes no further measures to confirm property ownership beyond this initial action.
Owners who participate in the online credit card processing system have undergone additional screening through their payment processing application.
All owners must agree to's Terms of Service Agreement, which outlines minimum mandatory standards, terms of account termination, and the formal guest complaints process.
All customer complaints against owners are tracked and kept on record. Owners with more than 2 complaints spanning a subscription period are automatically terminated. Owner accounts are now immediately terminated under a subset of zero tolerance clauses in the Terms of Service Agreement. You are free to contact to get independent owner verification from our office.
Your credit card information is transmitted using SSL encryption technology.
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1. everyone are welcome

2. no pets

Suitability & Eligibility Policies

Suitable For:
Adults - Min Age to Stay Sorry, we will not accept groups of guests under 21 years of age.
Non-Smokers Only Absolutely no smoking allowed. Guests liable for costs of special cleaning and fumigation, if housekeeping staff detect any evidence of smoking in the property.
Pets Pets permitted. Please contact us for details.
Not Suitable For:

Reservation & Cancellation Policies

Arrival Days after August 2008.
Cancellations Made by Guests
Delayed Arrivals
Delivery of Instructions and Access Information
Guest Account Termination The Owner or their Contact reserve the right to request permanent Guest account inactivation from this web sites technical administrators in the event of one or more of the following Guest actions: intentional property policy violation causing material damage or fines, Guest misrepresentation and/or fraud, intentionally defacing or damaging public or private property, breaking laws and bylaws, theft, public indecency, harassment, causing bodily or emotional harm & disturbing the peace after repetitive warnings. Guests will be notified by email of account termination. Guests may choose to appeal their account termination. Guests may be given the chance to reconcile with the Owner as a condition of preserving or reversing their account status. Account termination prevents the Guest from booking this or any other property that uses the same web site
Ineligible Guests Reservation Reversal The Owner or their Contact reserves the right to cancel reservations made by, and refuse business to: Guests who do not meet the policies published in this property's Policies Table at the time of booking and past Guests known to have : intentionally violated rental property policies, damaged and/or defaced rental properties through intentionally destructive and/or negligent behavior, engaged in theft, broken local bylaws and laws, committed fraud or who misrepresented themselves, and Guests who have caused bodily or emotional harm to any third parties. Reservations may be cancelled up to a maximum of 48 hours from the time the ineligible Guest made the booking. Guests will be issued a refund by personal cheque. Refunds will be adjusted for any payment processing expenses
Late Reservation Payments
Privacy The Owner, their booking Contact and this web sites technical administrators agree to not sell, refer, rent or divulge to any third parties the names or personal information of their Guests without prior written consent from the Guests, except under force of law, or for law enforcement purposes relating to policy and property violation. The Owner and their booking Contact also agree to not use Guest personal information for any reason other than its original intended purpose without written consent from the Guests. Guests agree to not sell, refer, rent or divulge to any third parties the names or personal information of the Owner or their booking Contact without prior written consent from the Owner and/or Contact, except under force of law or for law enforcement purposes. Guests also agree to not use Owner or Contact personal information for any reason other than its original intended purpose without written consent from the Owners and their Contact.

Guest Stay Policies

Check-In Time after 2:00PM at arrival day.
Check-Out Time
Complaints Concerning Property Report all property complaints or obvious damage caused by previous Guests to us immediately, by phone and by email as they become evident. Serious problems should be reported with supporting photographs. We will make our best efforts to rectify problems within 24 hours of notification. Failure to notify us of property-related problems while in the property and as they become evident, will forfeit any rights or claims against us regarding property condition after your departure.
Excessive Noise
Maintenance Emergencies
Maximum Sleeping Capacity
Property Damage
Rental Accommodation Zoning
Terms of Eviction

Local Tips

Don't Forget!

Fill up your gas tank before you get to Big White

Frequently Asked Questions

Getting to the location

If the townspeople chase us into the Forest of Evil, how will we get to the property? Just prove you're not a werewolf/swamp/vampire by reciting the alphabet backwards and it should assuage their suspicion.

Check In Instructions

How do I get to the resort? Drive up the mountain until you get to the end of a cliff. Keep driving. Angels will guide your car safely to our resort.
What if I can't find the place? Ask the wary townspeople. If they eye you suspiciously and spit on the ground, that's a good sign. If they grab torches and pitchforks and proceed to hunt you down, that's also a good sign. Follow the angels.
How do I get in the door? Under the doormat you'll find a sledgehammer. Use the sledgehammer to bash in the door. Please put sledgehammer back under the mat when finished.
How do I turn on the heat? Gather loose firewood from splintered door, old newspapers, and build a teepee in corner of room.

Road Construction

Will there be any construction on the road? Not likely since there hasn't been a paved road in this town. The Mayor has thought about it, but for now, dirt and sawdust seems adaquate.

Non Resident Taxes

Will there by any random taxes I have to pay? If you're a non-resident and in the event you are axe-murdered, you can get back your "death" tax at the customs office.

Surviving the Night

How do I survive the night? Good question. We'd suggest not screaming as you run through the Forest of Evil. That might help you elude the Jason the grounds-keeper.

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