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alluraDirect provides marketing and management tools for vacation rental properties at ski resort destinations.

Effortlessly coordinate reservations each step of the way; from the initial inquiry, to the confirmed online payment, to receiving a stellar review after your guest departs.

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Decide who stays in your property with a robust set of eligibility settings, cancellation policies and guest requirements.

Diversify Your Guests.

Access a group of high-quality guests from around the world. Our marketing targets seasoned mountain resort travellers.

Community Supportive

A booking platform where property listings adhere to local rules and regulation for short-term rental zoning and tax compliance.

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1 Tell us about your property

Using the step-by-step listing wizard, provide details about your property including where it is located, how many bedrooms and bathrooms it has, amenities that are available etc.

2 Define policies, availability & rates

Define house rules and booking policies that all guests must agree to before they can stay at your property. Set which dates are available for guests to reserve and the nightly rate.

3 Host great guests from around the world

As soon as your listing has been reviewed and activated, begin to invite our high-quality, respectful vacation rental guests from around the world into your property.

Works With Other Hosting Websites

alluraDirect works seamlessly with other vacation rental listing websites including airBNB, VRBO, HomeAway, Booking.com, TripAdvisor and more. Calendar availability will sync between platforms to ensure there are no double bookings.

Increase and diversify your rental revenue by including alluraDirect as one of your booking channels with no-risk.

If you are using a property management system (PMS) or a listing channel manager for your vacation rental property, please contact our sales team for integration options and setup support.

How Are We Different?

The core features and benefits of what alluraDirect provides for vacation rental by owner properties, are similar to what other hosting options like VRBO and airBNB provide. Marketing, secure online payments, guest communication, reservation management, dispute mediation and other expected services are included, but how are we different?

  • 25+ years in business. alluraDirect has been promoting ski vacation rentals since 1997.
  • Experts in ski resort and mountain destination marketing for vacation properties.
  • Our guest list is full of repeat, experienced and respectful destination travelers.
  • Lower guest service fees than most other global hosting platforms. *
* In some cases, guests can save over 50% on the total service fee when booking on alluraDirect instead of the competiting websites - great for repeat guests.

Are You a Property Manager?

If you manage 5 or more properties, please contact the alluraDirect sales team before starting. Resources are available to help integrate and onboard bulk listings.

Features & Benefits

Operating a successful vacation rental property has never been easier.

Simple to use Management Dashboard

  • Complete reservation management.
  • House rules and policy settings.
  • Property and market pricing insights.
  • Upcoming calendar events.
  • Guest communication inbox.
  • Cleaning and Pet Fee Settings.
  • Photo gallery tools and captions.
  • Availability and nightly rate control.
  • ...and much more.

Save Time with Automation

  • Scheduled emails to guests before arrival with check-in instructions and details.
  • Automatically follow-up with guests for feedback and reviews after departure.
  • Create an in-depth property guidebook that guests receive to reduce questions.

Accounting & Taxes

  • Similar payout rules as other hosting websites to ensure easy accounting.
  • Collection and remittance of Federal (GST) and Provincial (MRDT, PST) taxes.
  • Automatic tax withholding (NR4) for non-resident clients and their CRA obligations.

Calendars Stay in Sync

It is easy to include the allura booking channel, even if your vacation rental property is advertised on multiple hosting platforms at the same time.

  • Sync the iCalendars (ics) between platforms.
  • Blocked dates are shared automatically.
  • Each platform updates availability.

When reservations (or any blocking event) occurs on a booking platform, the synced calendars are always listening and will update automatically.

You Are in Control

No matter if you are a property manager or a rental-by-owner, you are in full-control of your vacation rental policies, settings, availability, rates and much more.

Rental Policies

  • Set house rules and restrictions.
  • Define guest requirements.
  • Choose cancellation/refund policies.
  • Control damage deposit settings.
  • ...and many other options.


  • Control what dates can/cannot be reserved.
  • Set mininimum night stay requirements.
  • Block off personal or maintenance dates.
  • Synchronize multiple hosting calendars.

Rates & Pricing

  • Set exact nightly rates for any day or range.
  • Promote length-of-stay discounts.
  • Automatically adjust rates for weekends.
  • Pricing insights available for most resorts.

Payouts and Taxes Made Easy

Guests pay securely by credit card through our website and you receive payouts to your Canadian bank account when the guest arrives at your property. This process is the same across most hosting platforms to ensure for streamlined management and accounting processes.

alluraDirect is a locally owned company (Vancouver, BC) that is focussed on Canadian ski resort vacation rentals - this allows us to make taxes easier for you and your property.

Federal Tax (GST): Mandatory tax for all short-term rentals located in Canada.

Provincial Tax (PST): Mandatory tax for all short-term rentals located in British Columbia.

Provincial Tax (MRDT): Mandatory tax for all short-term rentals in specific locations.

Non-Resident Withholding (NR4): Automatic withholding and remittance. NR6 application available.

We can remit directly to the tax authorities on your behalf or can pass-through the collected taxes for self remittance if you have a registered tax number - we make your rental tax obligations easy.

Your Own Direct Booking Website

Take control of who stays in your property by sending friends and repeat guests directly to your own direct booking website.

Keep Your Guests.
When guests review property listings on other websites, they are inundated with similar rental units that they may book instead. The direct booking website is only for your property.

Market Your Own Brand.
Upload your own logo and promote the website on the Internet and social media. The alluraDirect brand is not mentioned and guests will come book directly with you.

Stay Connected With the Mobile App

Not all inquiries, questions or issues present themselves when you are conveniently near a computer screen. Being able to quickly respond with your phone is critical for a successful vacation rental.

Manage Reservations

  • View upcoming arrivals and departures.
  • Edit, adjust or cancel reservations.
  • Review billing details and invoices.
  • Add unique door codes for each guest.
  • Create custom booking deals on the go.

Real-Time Communication

  • Message inbox for quick response times.
  • Full timeline of communication history.
  • Receive guest requests and feedback.
  • Add unique door codes for each guest.
  • Adds confidence for a better guest experience.
  • Fast responses improve guest reviews.

Get Listed - No Upfront Cost or Risk

Join the alluraDirect community today. Our guests are excited to experience new and amazing properties like yours.

Guest Check-In & Property Guidebook

Before guests can fully enjoy and experience your property, they need to know what is provided, where to park and how to physically get into the property. alluraDirect automates and makes this consistent.

Automatic and Secure Delivery of Information.

  • Multiple delivery methods ensure every guest receives what they need.
  • Instructions are sent by email, PDF and the mobile app.
  • Maintain security by sending codes and check-in details on the arrival day.

Property Guidebooks Ensure a Stress-Free Vacation.

  • Reduce questions and requests with a great property guidebook.
  • Provide a better experience for your guests with more information.
  • Automatically answers most of the common questions before arrival.

Marketing & Local Partners

Since 1997, alluraDirect has been the booking source for hundreds-of-thousands of guests who have enjoyed a mountain vacation getaway in Whistler, Big White and Sun Peaks. As the popularity of vacation rentals increase, so does the opportunity to partner with local business and the resort destinations directly.

Every rental property listed is important and helps develop and strengthen the communities for long-term success.


Invite guests from around the world to experience your property by using one of the original hosting platforms on the Internet.


All Tourism Whistler members in good standing are eligible to be listed on Whistler.com, the offical resort reservations service. Profits are reinvested into marketing the resort as a whole, improving sustainability of the community.


Advertise your property on the official mountain (Vail Resorts) website where guests from around the world come to experience.

Other Mountain Partners

We are actively building relationships with ski resort destinations in British Columbia and in Canada. To further these partnerships and opportunities, we need as many rental properties in each location as possible - help us build each community by listing today.

Why Clients Love alluraDirect

Our focus on mountain resort destinations has given us the advantage of understanding the communities, businesses and people that make everything great. The global corporations simply cannot achieve this same level of personal connection.

  • Proudly Canadian owned/operated and not just a faceless global corporation.
  • Personalized support direct from our team and not from an offshore call center.
  • Specific experience, products and services dedicated to mountain resort destinations.

For most vacation rentals, the reality is there is more guest demand than there is inventory available. Knowing what each hosting platform values and if they do or do not operate by the rules (allowing illegal rentals), is a defining factor in the long-term success of your rental property and community.

We ski your mountain. We hike the same trails. We want to be part of your success.

Comments From Property Hosts

Jim G.

I've rented my place at Whistler for 10+ years through alluraDirect. Terrific service, bringing in high quality guests, supportive, efficient and on top of what is happening in the industry. Happy to support a great local company.

Robert W.

Have been using allura direct for 12 years and very happy with their service and easy to use website. Any tech questions are usually answered very fast and often after hours or even weekends.

Kerry G.

I have been using Allura Direct as a customer for almost 10 years and as an owner for just over a year. The service has been exceptional, I would highly recommend Allura Direct.

Comments From Guests

Sheldon W.

Myself and my family have booked stays in Whistler with alluraDirect over a number of years and they always make it super easy and get everything spot on. Absolutely fantastic customer service, often going above and beyond. Thoroughly recommended!

Cindy B.

alluraDirect is a great gateway to booking your holiday. They respond immediately to guest requests. They are local and truly care about the local mountain communities. Keep up the good work!

Bob M.

1st time using this company for a trip to Whistler and have never been treated with such excellent customer service! Service is top notch and will answer any question you have...a ton of local knowledge....I will absolutely use them again in the near future.

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