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Yeti Snowshoe Series To Be Hosted At Whistler Olympic Park

Snowshoeing in Whistler Yeti Mountain Series

Snowshoeing in Whistler is not what the ski resort is known for, but it will be hosting the Yeti Snowshoe Series on March 2nd in Whistler Olympic Park. Skiing and snowboarding is what makes Whistler a popular winter destination resort, however, snowshoeing enthusiasts rave about Whistler’s terrain. On March 2nd, beginners, intermediate and serious snowshoe enthusiasts are invited to the Yeti Mountain Snowshoe series where races are open to all skill levels, from beginners to advanced snowshoers.

Amongst the snowshoeing community, Whistler is known as one of the premiere places to visit on the west coast where visitors can travel to either Blackcomb or Whistler Mountain to snowshoe through old growth forests or nearby lakes, such as Rainbow Lake, where on a clear day you may spot some Whistler wildlife. Snowshoeing in Whistler is also regarded as one of the more physically strenuous activities that test any competitor’s endurance and will be sure to give you one heck of a workout.

New Interest Is Welcomed In Whistler Snowshoeing

The Yeti Snowshoe Sport course is setup as a five to six-kilometre course, while those who want a tougher challenge either running or hiking can tackle the 10 kilometre Snowshoe Enduro course. Competitors, no matter what course they choose, will be given the ultimate workout testing snowshoe skills such as climbing, descending and winding through oscillating single-track courses in Whistler Olympic Park.

Snowshoeing Views in WhistlerSnowshoe advocates involved with the Yeti Mountain Series are holding clinics and races with focuses on three areas around B.C., including the Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island (Mount Washington), and Whistler. Each series of races and clinics will the Yeti Ascent, a half-trail run/half snowshoe outing.

Although snowshoeing is less popular than the obvious skiing and snowboarding in Whistler, British Columbia has held more than 50 snowshoeing events over the past 11 years including three national and one international event. Organizers of the Yeti Mountain Series, Marc Campbell and Rick Carty, are the first to organize a Canada mountain snowshoe series. Guests looking to something other than skiing on Whistler Blackcomb can visit the Whistler Olympic Park, where not only is the Yeti Snowshoe Series hosted, but so are numerous other winter activities.

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