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Whistler Releases Sustainability Development Report

Sustainable Development

Whistler municipal staff have presented the latest sustainability development report on Tuesday, November 20th to the city council.  A long term vision was created back in 2004 that identified various sustainability efforts that Whistler should adopt and attempt to adhere to for future success.  This document included plans regarding community living, resort experience, environmental protections, energy conservation and economic viability.

Mayor Nancy Wilhelm agrees that based on the most recent sustainability document presented, that there is room for improvement regarding protecting the environment.

Sustainable Environment in WhistlerEnergy sustainability has been a priority over the past years with the installation of electric car charging stations throughout Whistler. Other sustainable infrastructure that has been added or upgraded include the subsidization of the transit service, hydrogen-powered bus fleets and an updated waste management program.

Based on a 3 year average, the annual report for 2011 shows that  there was an overall 1% water usage increase compared to the previous year. The average daily water consumption was 536 liters, compared to the previous year of 425 liters per day.

The Whistler sustainability report also included some concerning information relating to the overall number of residents that fall below the cost of living, at approximately 25%.  This number is however an improvement over the previous year by 8%.

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