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Whistler’s Olympic Rings to be Replaced in December

The rings in Whistler's Olympic Plaza

Whistler’s Olympic Rings, sitting in the resort’s Olympic Plaza, will be replaced in December. The Resort Municipality Initiative (RMI) will be covering the costs of nearly $90,000 for new Olympic rings and refurbished Paralympic Agitos. Prior to the 2010 Winter Olympic Games, the Olympic Rings in Whistler were built on short notice at a cost of $64,000 and were only designed for the lifespan of the Winter Games.

The replacement of the rings will cost $57,420, while the Agitos refurbishment will cost $30,200. The replacement of the rings in the Whistler Olympic Plaza will take place Dec. 14-16th, while the Agitos will be removed on Nov. 26th for refurbishment and re-installed on Dec. 14th. Unfortunately, attendees of the Whistler Film Festival will miss out on seeing the Paralympic Agitos.

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