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Whistler is More Than North America’s Top Ski Resort

Walk in Whistler Village

Whistler has been known for years as one of the top ski resorts in North America, focused primarily on the ski and snowboard scene. However, over the past 10 years, and more specifically since the 2010 Olympics that featured the top winter athletes from around the world, Whistler has been reshaping its image to be a top mountain resort year-round as a destination that is perfect for any seasonal traveler. In fact, visitors to Whistler can now expect to find a strong sense of culture in this mountain resort that has moved away from the notion of just a skier and border culture.

Bears in Whistler VillageWhistler now encompasses the arts and entertainment industry, especially in the summer time with Whistler Presents, a concert event series that showcases talent from around British Columbia and Whistler. During the winter months, local artists from around the mountain valley resort are showcasing Whistler art talents in Wednesday Night Gallery Walks, organized by the Whistler Gallery Association. Continuing on this month is local music artist, Ali Milner’s Performance Series.

Whistler Events and Cultural Activities in January

Ali Milner, the local fan favourite singer-songwriter and Cover Me Canada participant, is one Whistler’s shining musical talents looking to grow the music cultural in the mountain resort. Her funky style of R&B pop, jazz and rock can be found burgeoning in Canada’s indie music scene, but also on January 19 in Whistler at the Performance Series concert event where Ali and David Miles will be performing.

Concert at Telus World Ski and Snowboard FestivalCulturally, many may not know the history and importance of the First Nation people in and around Whistler. The Squamish Lil’wat Cultural Centre has become the cultural hub for locals and visitors in Whistler looking to learn more about the original cultural and native artists in Whistler’s mountain valley. Additionally, the story of Whistler’s beginnings and early settlers is on display at the Whistler Museum, where you can also find numerous Whistler art and history collections. The Whistler Museum is also open year round.

One of the benefits that Whistler has reaped from the traditionally mountain culture scene is that it’s become known as a world-renowned centre for its digital-art culture and talent. Many outdoor enthusiasts have relocated to Whistler over the years because of its magnificent outdoor wildlife and scenery available to photographers. It’s recognition amongst outdoor enthusiasts is celebrated at the international Pro Photographer and Filmmaker Showdowns that take place during Whistler’s annual World Ski & Snowboard Festival event. In a week from now, Whistler’s Deep Photo Challenge on January 19th will further grow the attention of the digital arts movement further showcasing the abundance of reasons why Whistler is much more than North America’s top ski resort.

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