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Whistler Hiking Trails – Garibaldi BC Provincial Park a Hiking Epicenter

Hiking at Whistler in Garbaldi Provincial Park around Wedgemount Lake

The epicenter of hiking on B.C’s West Coast is in Garibaldi Provincial Park off the Sea-to-Sky Highway (Hwy 99). With numerous long and amazing trails, this provincial park attracts thousands of outdoor enthusiasts each year wanting to get a glimpse of B.C’s natural mountain landscape near Whistler.

In fact, the 70km Garibaldi Provincial Park connects too many other hiking trails within the park limits to places such as, Garibaldi Lake, Cheakamus Lake, and Helm Lake.

8 Amazing Hiking Trails near Whistler.

The provincial park stretches from the edge of Whistler north to the outer limits of Pemberton. However, Garibaldi Provincial Park isn’t the only hot spot for scenic natural landscape views in the mountains.

Black Tusk.

One of the most challenging, yet more rewarding hikes in the Garibaldi Provincial Park. Black Tusk is a long difficult 11 hour day-hike meandering around the edge of Garibaldi Lake that some decide to split into two days. If you prefer to, hikers have been known to camp out over night at Garibaldi Lake or Taylor Meadows. The 29km hike that climbs 1740 meters in elevation starts at the Rubble Creek parking lot accessed from the Sea-to-Sky Highway exit just passed Garibaldi road. Although this is considered a difficult hike, make sure you bring a high-quality camera to capture the stunning views seen from the top of Black Tusk nearly 2200 meters up.

Views of the Black Tusk in Garibaldi Park

Brandywine Falls.

Driving from Seattle or Vancouver to Whistler? This casual hike is a perfect stop to in B.C take in beautiful scenic views of Howe Sound and Brandywine Falls itself. The 70m waterfall is a hotspot for many tourists and outdoor enthusiasts who want to get some exercise in after an hour and a half in the car.

Brandywine Falls in Squamish, BCBrandywine Meadows.

Although short in nature, this hike fools many into believing this hike is an easy walk into a glacier surrounded meadow. The Brandywine Meadow hike finishes in spectacular fashion with amazing glaciers views, but the journey is no easy task with nearly a 300 to 400 elevated climb in the first kilometer.

Cheakamus Lake.

Located in Whistler, the Cheakamus Lake hike is a long but easy hike for those that love walking alongside a lake staring up at snow covered glaciers. There is little to no gain in elevation, making this the perfect hike for those of all ages wanting to get some extended exercise in.

Garibaldi Lake.

If you’re looking for a spectacular view of a lake nestled in amongst glaciers, then Garibaldi Lake in Whistler is the ideal summer to early fall hike for anyone. Many hikers consider this consider this to be one of the most scenic places in B.C.

Panorama Ridge.

Similar to the Garibaldi Lake and Black Tusk hike, the Panorama Ridge hike is also in the Garibaldi Provincial Park area. All three hikes in this popular provincial park start out from Rubble Creek before reaching an apex at the edge of Garibaldi Lake where the trail either continues or splits off into one of the three popular hiking trails. The Panorama Ridge trail meanders alongside the bottom of Black Tusk and Cinder Cone mountains before reaching its apex on the north side of Garibaldi Lake. Like the Black Tusk hike, the Panorama Ridge hike is a long and difficult winding around 30km of trail and often split over two days with an estimated 11 hour completion time.

Look for other hikers choosing to split the Panorama Ridge or Black Tusk hike out over two days and create a mini camping congregation overlooking the serene views of the lake and surrounding glaciers. There aren’t too many places in North America that you’ll appreciate such amazing natural landscape views in amongst mountains.

Joffre Lake on the Northern Edge of Garibaldi Provincial Park in BCJoffre Lake Hike.

Past Whistler, in the Pemberton region, Joffre Lakes Provincial Park is another popular spot for those wanting to venture out past Whistler. Similar to many hikes along this past of B.C’s West Coast, the hike presents more serene views of glaciers sitting high above the mountain valley that you’re walking in. This 5 hour, 11km hike is considered intermediate with an elevation incline of 400 meters, but it’s certainly by no means as difficult as the hikes found in Garibaldi Provincial Park.

Wedgemount Lake.

Located between Whistler and Pemberton, the Wedgemount Lake hike is one of the most difficult hikes in the Garibaldi Provincial Park elevating 1100 meters in 14km. One highly recommended tip is to dress warmly for this adventure. In the summer months, temperatures can still be quite cool in the evenings at the peak of this trail.

Travelers visiting Whistler have endless amounts of hiking trails available to them. Although difficult in some areas, the journey and memory is well worth the reward at the end of the hike with amazing picturesque views.

What are your favourite trails to hike outside of the Whistler Village or Whistler-Blackcomb area?

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