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Whistler Half Marathon Grows To Add A New 10 km Race

Marathon runners in Whistler

The Whistler North Face Half Marathon has announced that their adding a brand new 10 km race in addition to the current 21.1 km and 1 km race. On June 1, 2013, runners will take to the streets and trails of Whistler running around Alta Lake and Whistler Village, but this year, the 10 km race has the potential to increase the capacity of runners by 500. Overall, the 2013 Whistler Half Marathon is adding 1,100 new spots to increase its capacity by 10% over last year’s sold out event.

Scenic views from Whistler Blackcomb chairliftShorter, But Just As Scenic

Shorter in length, the 10 km race will feature a course that provides a similar experience that runners see in the longer half marathon race. The new course will feature a start and finish line at the Whistler Olympic Plaza, along with a looping trail through the Whistler Village. Runners will run cross over the Sea-to Sky Highway and through Blueberry Hill catching scenic views of Alta Lake before looping around Lakeside Park and winding their way back through Whistler Village to finish the race.

With the addition of the Ironman Canada event in Whistler, the Whistler Half Marathon will continue to be a popular race for participants wanting to get additional training runs in before the Whistler’s Ironman race in August. For some diehards, there may still be skiing on the slopes in early June – depending on conditions – but for many, this many marks the official beginning of summer events in Whistler. The beginning of June could also present some amazing scenic opportunities for families traveling with participants and looking to rent a condo for a weekend holiday.

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