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Whistler Great Lake Cleanup Achieves Sustainability Success

Great Lake Cleanup - Diver in Lake

The Great Lake Cleanup for Whistler’s Lost Lake and Alpha Lake was once again a great success. Following the pilot initiative led by Councillor Roger McCarthy in 2013. This community event came about from Whistler locals expressing their concern regarding the amount of garbage settling at the bottom of ¬†Whistler’s beautiful lakes.

Great Lake Cleanup, Grassroots Sustainability Effort

(Photo: Guilhem Vellut)
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The first Lake Cleanup was held in August 2013. The idea came to McCarthy after a leisure boat-ride along one of Whistler’s lakes, ended up collecting way too much garbage along the way. The grassroots initiative was made possible by Whistler’s local volunteers, armed with nets, snorkles or scuba gear.

Following the huge success of the clean-up in 2013, the Second Annual Great Lake Cleanup commenced in Whistler on July 12, 2014. This year’s community event was bigger and better – proving what a strong green community Whistler really is. Four divers from Whistler Fire and Rescue Team and ten divers from Divers for Cleaner Lakes and Oceans scourged Lost Lake and Alta Lake to collect garbage that has settled at the bottom over the past few years. Gone were the days of the pioneer group of volunteers trying to have a competition on who can hold their breath the longest!

This is a very important sustainability effort for the community in Whistler as junk needs to be removed from the bottom of these Whistler lakes before they disintegrate and seep into the town’s water table. The Great Lake Cleanup loot was impressive – collecting unusual things like parts of an old mill, a seat from a classic car, sunglasses, golf and tennis balls, and a massive amount of beer and pop cans. Overall, about 800 pounds of garbage was taken out of the two Whistler waterways. Local businesses donated food, drinks and supplies to make sure these dedicated local volunteers are well taken care of.

The amount of work that gets put into preserving the natural beauty of Whistler is phenomenal. The local volunteers and businesses that took part in this grassroots effort are really what makes the town of Whistler and great place to visit, or live in.




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