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Whistler Ends Winter Season with Gaper Day

Gaper Day - Whistler Winter Season Ender

It’s the end of the winter season, officially. The last day to ski on Blackcomb Mountain was on May 26, 2014 and the event was culminated by Gaper Day 2014. Gaper Day has been a Whistler tradition for more than 20 years, and widely known as the ‘last hurrah’ by local ski bums, and visitors alike. The local skiing community dressed to impress – old school style – ready to get the farewell party started.

The Sillier, The Better for Gaper Day 2014

Gaper Day 2014 - Whistler Winter Season Ending

Photo Credit: Flickr/Tyler Ingram

The annual gathered started with a $5 pancake breakfast at Merlin’s. Afterwards, participants got their ski legs warmed up with a race down rain-soaked stairs at the bottom of Blackcomb Mountain. Dressed in retro neon attire, and all sorts of silly accessories, the die-hard snow seekers boarded the lift to Blackcomb Mountain for the last time this season.

Gaper Day is a full day of fun and silliness, not caring whether you ding your edges on rocks, or scrape your bases. “Ski out or get out” is Gaper Day’s mantra, with skiers typically riding all the way down the mountain even to the bus loop. Although this culminating event is known to be one great party, Whistler Blackcomb made it certain that the participants’ safety was top priority.

This Whistler event was the perfect way to celebrate another memorable winter season, and to show off the fun side of Whistler and it’s locals. For now, skiers have tipped their helmets off to another amazing winter season, and welcoming another Whistler summer with open arms.

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