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Whistler Blackcomb Upgrades Terrain Park Before North Face Park and Pipe Open Series

Whistler Terrain Park

Whistler Blackcomb marks the opening of the North Face Park and Pipe Open Series this weekend with the opening of significant upgrades to its terrain park. Whistler’s terrain park had more than 150 features to it, but found itself not attracting the serious skiers and snowboarders. Now, Whistler Blackcomb got serious about their Nintendo terrain parks by making some serious changes, upgrades, and additions that include bigger jumps and steeper landing.

Supervisors at the Whistler terrain park have doubled the size of the largest jumps from 40 to 80 feet and have relocated the largest jump line to the Nintendo Highest Level Terrain Park on Blackcomb Mountain. The upgrades to the jumps and landings were made possible with Whistler Blackcomb’s addition of a brand new park-specific winch cat that allows crews to groom and manicure and steeper landings.

X-Games Gold Medalist Impressed With Whistler Terrain Park Upgrades.

Whistler Blackckomb upgrades Nintendo Terrain ParkX Games gold medalist, TJ Schiller, is quite impressed by the upgrades made to the Whistler Blackcomb terrain park. In fact, Schiller is now makes Whistler Blackcomb his home during the winter months. In a statement from Whistler Blackcomb, Schiller said that “the park is the best it’s ever been and the big jump line has really been stepped up.

Whistler Blackcomb is expected draw impressive crowds this weekend to Blackcomb Mountain where competitors at the North Face Park and Pipe Open event plan to show to off to spectators during the three day event, Jan. 14 to 17th. The significance of the North Face Park and Pipe Open event looms large for skiers and boarders as they’re fighting for spot in the Winter X-Games later this winter in Aspens, Colorado. Whistler’s terrain park is also featured throughout the season as the site for the four-event King of Rail competition series sponsored by Showcase Snowboards, as well as, the Park Rider Ski and Snowboard series.

If you’re making a last minute trip up to Whistler Blackcomb this weekend and are looking for Whistler accommodation, our owners would have to share their space with you as you take in the sights and sounds of Blackcomb and Whistler Mountain. Either way, it’s a perfect place to stay and take in the sights and sounds of the North Face Park and Pipe event as competitors entertain you on Whistler Blackcomb’s upgraded terrain park.

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